Warrior Forum & Futuristic Retirement Income

& Futuristic Retirement Income

One of the most popular marketing forums online is called the Warrior Forum. Sometimes referred to it as the “worrier” forum. :-)

Warrior ForumNow a few years ago this little feature called “Warrior Special Offers” was introduced.

This was cool, because the basic premise was that you could offer your product and you’d get a deeper discount than you would find anywhere else.

THAT was its purpose.

Soooo … a bunch of newbies decided to try to game the system and simply create fast and cheesy products to sell there and there alone.

That was NOT the purpose but hey, if it’s making the owners of the forum millions a year, why would they stop it right!  Ugh.

A lot of people’s “complete livelihood” depends on them creating these little special offers and then selling to their new buyers on the backend…

These are dangerous grounds there.

Now we’re not a complete and total hater, because, maybe 1 out of
every 10 products sold there is actually a solid product.

But that’s just one of the issues there.  The big one to us is this…

You get products there cheap.  Real cheap.  Which makes it super easy to buy a LOT of them.

Let’s say in one month you buy 7 products. product overload They’re only $9 each so you’re out just $63.  Not too bad right?

Here’s where it gets tricky, and why a lot of people are failing because of this…

Each of these products you buy takes you in a different focus and direction.

One’s on
The other’s on
The other’s local marketing…
One’s on

And so on…

“7 different systems, plans and ways to go about doing things”.

This creates massive clutter in the ole’ brain and results in overwhelm and zero action.

But it gets worse…

Now you’re on 7 new gooroo’s mailing lists, and, each of them is sending you a new offer to buy every day or two.

profit downSo now in a month you’re exposed to over 100 different product opportunities!  All begging for your attention.

See the trap here?

You don’t need all that. In fact you “can’t” succeed doing things that way.

You need one system to follow, especially when first starting out.

You need ONE person (guru) you trust to follow.

And then you simply need to get started and keep focused day by day on marketing and “growing YOUR .

You’d never see a person try to be a successful lawyer, doctor, software engineer and dentist all at once!

No… they decide what they really want to do and then they follow that path.path to success

It begets us to see people trying to do this online.  Just find out what system aligns with your goals and stick to that and that alone.

After you’re making 6 figures with that then you can decide to expand out.

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You don’t have to do one single thing for that!

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Bea & Terry Reeves

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