How to Use The Internet For A Futuristic Income Lifestyle

How to Use The Internet For A Futuristic Income Lifestyle

There is one product that you can use to create your desired .

The world has come a long way from the 1450 to the present for earning an or just making a decent living for our family’s lifestyles.

Way back in 1450 they used it to print books and pamphlets.  Yes it was the Gutenberg Printing Press.gutenberg press for a futuristic income lifestyle

In the 1730s, the first magazines were printed.

But then in 1836 the first paid advertisements were put in newspapers.  Do you suppose they were thinking of a Futuristic Income Lifestyle?

But then something happened in the 1980s.  The first desktop was introduced by Apple.  So this gave control over production to give availability to people outside the publishing industry.

The combination of the desktop and the made possible for you to have the to make an extra income or just a futuristic income lifestyle.

Today it is called information .  You encounter it every day on your computer and you receive it from many sources.

Terry and I have noticed there are a lot of opportunities out there to make an extra income in information marketing or internet marketing.  We have been doing it part time for about 16 months and have been pretty successful for doing it part time.

The internet has created a worldwide marketplace for average people like you and me to start a small business in our homes and take control of our own incomes.

According to a consulting firm Outsell, last year American businesses and consumers spent over half a trillion dollars for information products.  This is a big business you would agree?

An information product can be a written book, e-book, special report, newsletters or it can be a video, CD, podcast, webinars.  It can also be an event, seminar, boot camp or an online course.

All of the above items are ways to teach someone to do something.

This is how you and I can make extra income for the lifestyles we want and have the freedom to do it when and where we want.

When we started we felt it had to be something simple and easy to understand with a low cost to start up and not a lot of different tools to buy.

retiree home business for a futuristic income lifestyleWe also wanted to be able to do it from our home or if we travel we could do it from a motel room or outside on a table.

And we only wanted to do it part time or on the weekend.

As with anything new or different there is a process to follow and learn.

Just like going to college your first 2 years are learning the basics (English, math, and writing courses) and then the second year more basics of the field that is selected.

So it is the same with internet marketing you learn the basics.  Depending on how often you study (hours you put into it) you will start implementing them and have success while going through the process.  Some people succeed faster than others because they are consistently applying the process frequently every day.

Now not everyone has that available time or .  It can be done on a part-time basis like going to college part-time online.   Taking a couple of courses and using a budget.  You can start up with $600-$1,000, which is very low cost and start making an extra income in 3-6 months.

And not knowing anything real technical.

If you have a hobby or skill in a specific area this is perfect for you. sales professional for a futuristic income lifestyle It is learning the basics first on  how to market that skill or hobby for an extra  income lifestyle or get out of that stressful, long hours working job and take control of our own incomes and travel where we want and still have a passive income coming in while we travel.

We will always have more failures then successes with our experiences in life.   Sometimes we have little or no capital to start with but we have an idea. Like Henry Ford, he started out with about $600.   Like Thomas Edison he started out with the materials he could acquire from others.   Steve Jobs of Apple has had his share of problems with the 5S iPhone.

The more complicated things get the more problems come up.  But they keep testing/ tweaking and moving forward.  Never giving up and coming up with new innovations for today.  But their basic formats are there and they use them to add on new things for the convenience of all their customers.

steps to success for a futuristic income lifestyleYour successes will out weight your failures.

Now if you don’t have an idea there are products online that will let you sell their products/services.  You just have to get license from them.  This is called Marketing.  You get anywhere from 30%-50% commissions depending on the product/service.  Some you just drive traffic for them and others you have to talk on the phone.  It all depends on your preference.

So we have leaned from our failures and are building successes and would like to have you come along and experience it with us.

You may be interested in doing something for yourself… Go here.

If this is something you may be interested in we can help.

Call us anytime on Skype or leave a message.

“bventures1”  – 1-231-580-8800

Talk soon,

Bea & Terry Reeves


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