Would TRUMP fire you? – Futuristic Retirement

Would fire you?

We are going to take two Donald Trump quotes today…

And probably twist them way out of context.  Would Trump fire you?

Is that OK?  As you get closer to a , you tend to take some “liberties”… Right?

Moving on then, here’s the first one:

“I like thinking big.  If you’re going to be thinking anything, you might as well think BIG.”you're fired in Futuristic Retirement

Our application, notwithstanding the obvious point, is that you should be thinking big?

Well many people try to break into this by just wanting to “replace their ”.

And we understand that.  So, would Trump fire you yet?

The only problem is… it’s flawed.

You’re thinking at the “same level” as you are now, so likely you’ll stay at the same spot youare now.

You have to think BIGGER to escape the rat-hole of mediocrity in which most reside.

bigger is better in Futuristic RetirementYou’ve got to think bigger to get bigger and badder than what you’ve got right now!

And hey, if you’re going to be thinking about generating , you might as well be focused on creating big sales.

And that’s what My Business gives you.

The ability to earn $1,000, $3,000 and $5,000 commissions on demand:

Next Trumpeteer quote:

“I’m a bit of a P.T. Barnum. I make stars out of everyone.”

Hmm… how can we twist this to our will?


We all desire to enrich other people’s lives.  We desire to transform and inspire others.

Meaning, who really wants to scam or trick someone to do business with them?

Nobody has time for that!!

We want to add value to people we deal with,and if you don’t, if you’re thinking about only what YOU deserve, well, you need to wise up.

Get where you want to make a star out of every person on this planet that you come into contact with…

…Do that and just see what happens to your business and life.

To experience the moment when someone calls you and explains because of YOU, they were able to quit their job and are living their dream life!

Which brings us to the point…

Think you can really make stars out of people when you’re only making $7.00 commissions?



Think you’ll have a little more time to really TRANSFORM yourself AND others when you’re making sales from $1k-$5k and up?


And that’s what My Top Tier Business is all about.coaching basics

High Ticket Sales baby.

Ya need em’ in your business.  It’s a disservice to NOT have them.

It’s what we call a WIN/WIN situation…

Get all on it right here:

Talk soon,
Bea & Terry Reeves


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