Big thing about Traffic…

Big thing about

We’ve heard it all too often.  People come to us and give us an ear full of statements like:

“I tried Solo Ads once and it didn’t work.”

“I tried ads and they didn’t get one lead.”traffic on internet not on highway in blog post about traffic

“Google banned me!  And I can’t buy traffic from them now.”

“Paid traffic just isn’t working in my niche.”

But here’s the deal about Traffic…

There’s most likely NOT an issue with paid traffic.

It’s most likely a problem with your marketing and/or funnels.

See, if you really want to grow a , one that’s scalable, paid traffic is a MUST.

Now there are various things you can do there that can help you out quite a bit.

But the one big thing about Traffic is…

The thing that will easily make the most dramatic difference in your business is integrating High End into your funnels.

Do you have a high end product in your business right now?

Anything from $500, $1,000 and $3,000 programs that you can offer people?


Can you see how that will fix your traffic issue when you’re not only getting a maximum of $47 per sale, but now over $1,000 and up for each NEW customer?

We may not be too happy about paying $100 in traffic to get a $47 dollar sale, but when every 5th sale or so turns into $1,000 and up?  It is not really “about Traffic”, but more about what happens after the traffic that determines success.

Well, we’d do that all day long.

ALL day long…

And that’s the secret that many will never realize.  You need high ticket, top tier offers in your business.

When it really sinks in, it triggers such an ‘aha’ moment for people.  aha moment getting about traffic on internetAnd those that this see their businesses explode, even effortlessly at times…

We know, most don’t know WHAT or HOW to create something like that. They don’t feel they have the skill level to create value greater than that high fee to their customers.

Not to worry, the fix is in…

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Bea & Terry Reeves

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