Sucky Solos, what to do?

Sucky Solos, what to do?

Ever bought Sucky Solos?  Sometimes you buy a and the results just plain out suck?

Now, don’t get us wrong. There are some BAD Solo Ad providers out there that are stinkin’ up the space!  There are also some really great ones, but we have all gotten some really “sucky solos”.

warrior solo ad provider in sucky solos post on Futuristic RetirementBut let’s say this was a ‘reputable’ provider that you got a good recommendation from.

And yet when you tried it out, you got el-zilcho sales!  Yes, in deed, more “sucky solos”!

Looking at a lot of businesses, we see most often that the Solo Ad is NOT the issue.

Instead, it’s the .

“GASP… What?” you say.

So here’s a little formula we’ve found that really helps out.  It’ll add a nice chunk of change to your bottom line too.

L + R + B = Cha-ching!solo ads on target Futuristic Retirement sucky solos

… L- List

… R- Relationship (Relentlessly with )

… B- Back-end (High Ticket)

= All the sales you’ll need to make a great without much hassle at all.

The typical buyer doesn’t Follow-up! (stats show often times it’s around the 15th follow-up when a sale is made.)

And if he does, it’s not strategic, it’s not for more than a couple days, and he’s not adding Value to the people on his list.

And that’s exactly the things he SHOULD be doing if he wants a successful ad campaign and .

It’s not rocket science but the blind truly are leading the blind out there and most just don’t get it.

1- Offer a great incentive to entice people to join your list.

2- Instantly deliver that incentive and make sure it’s awesome-sauce. (i.e. make it valuable, helpful, give an ‘aha’ moment, save them time, etc…)

3- Continually follow-up and add massive value to your list.  Don’t beat em’ like a hammer with your offer right away.  Nurture them.  Treat them with respect.

4- Continue to add value and build the relationship up, and when you do promote to them make sure it’s something you 110% stand behind and know will work for them. Even add in some bonuses and support to help them out further.  That will also make the offer even more irresistible.

We’re talking EPIC bonuses.

Not lame PLR and old PDF’s you can find with a simple Google search.

5- In this mix, you are in this to also profit, and so your conversions need to work out in your favor too.

solo ads work Matt Lloyd on Futuristic Retirement Sucky SolosBest way to manage this is to have automated High Ticket offers in your back-end marketing.  This is time intensive and hard to do yourself.

So the best thing to do in our opinion is to become an Affiliate or Licensee to a High Ticket program that will allow you the Highest Commissions possible and will provide incredible value to your list as well.

Now, after a ton of research and testing…

There’s only one program we’ve found that meets all of that criteria, and THEN SOME.

You can find more out about this incredible program by clicking this link here.

Contact us when you are ready…

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Talk soon,

Bea & Terry Reeves

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P.S.  Remember, anybody can buy a Solo Ad and have 500 people on their list by tomorrow.  The key is to add value and follow up consistently.  Stand out and be awesome.  :-)

P.P.S.  Seriously, give it a try.  Taking action with this will get you solid results and it’ll be your first step to Turning Pro.  Minimize the “sucky solos” and get started with value and vigorous follow-up.

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