Finding solutions for your online profits

Finding solutions for your

Finding solutions for your online profits to better your income today can be very confusing for those who have never entered the arena.

But, first, let’s talk about the reasons that 98% fail online.

There are three main reasons why most don’t even get past the , dreaming of it or the stage.

The #1 Reason is TIMEtime

Now a days if you have a full-time job that pays pretty good you are working 50-70 hours a week depending on your company.  Then there are those who can only find part-time jobs at low pay.  Maybe even working two part-time jobs that has you working 50-70 hours a week.  Either way your time is taken up and you’re not getting much quality time with your spouse, significant other or kids.  Unable to take vacations or time off to rest.

The #2 Reason is

This is also a big reason for most wannabee to start making profits online.refunds

When asked how much money they have to invest the response is nothing , very little or they have it and won’t give it up to invest with.  Now here is where the reality comes into play.

Many entrepreneurs and many opportunities have come along where there was very little money or nothing to start with but some how some way they found it because they believed in themselves or their idea.  Look at Steve Jobs, (Apple) Ray Krock (McDonald’s) and Harland Sanders (Colonel Sanders, KFC)  These guys all started out with nothing or very little.  Harland Sanders didn’t even start until after he retired.  This proves it can be done if you believe in yourself and are persistent.  Sure they failed from time to time but they learned and adapted many times.

The #3 Reason is YOU

How you are sabotaging yourself.  Your words are dictating your reality .  youAlmost everyday we talk to people who are struggling to make money and using many other words to sabotage their reality.  Instead of expressing your life circumstances to others make a choice to create a NEW reality.

We believe if you do not change your words consciously you will never change your life. Words like “Overwhelmed”, “Frustrated” and “Disappointed” are words that the non- are using to describe what they think is happening now but it actually is what is describing their .

Stop Sabotaging Yourself

Finding solutions for your online profits requires solutions for these three reasons.

TIME SOLUTIONS:  Find whatever time you have.  Even if it is only on the week-end or one hour every other day during the week.  This is your time to focus on what you want for your future.   Family and friends can be negative so surround yourself with positive people and places.  Keep your goals in front of you.  Recommended reading “The One Thing” by Gary Keller.

MONEY SOLUTIONS:  When starting out online it can be confusing.  What can you invest in to get the biggest bang for success?  This is what we found to be one of the most difficult task when choosing a path online.   If you’re like the 98% online you are looking for low investment and a quick return.  Unless you are a seasoned marketer it will take a least 12-18 months to get a return on your investment with a personal coach and a good converting business model.  That is why we have developed a concept called F Y I Success Streams for the online entrepreneur.  It’s like going to college in less time, with less investment and faster profits.  Watch our video below for more info.

NOW THE “YOU” SOLUTION:  Communicate to others in positive words. Watch what you say everyday. Believe it, feel it and act on it everyday. Make it a habit. Invest in you. Learn from your investment one step at a time and train others for prosperity.  Look for a business model concept that will give you multiple residual income every month for the long-term.  It’s the same concept when investing in a IRA or Bond etc.. to receive a monthly dividend payment for your future and your family. Recommended Reading;   “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” by Stephen R. Covey

If you need upfront straight forward transparency about the online arena please contact us on Skype.  We can help you when finding solutions for your online profits.  Contact us for a short conversion to see if this internet concept is for you.  We look forward to your connection.

Talk soon,

Bea & Terry Reeves

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