Futuristic Retirement and using Social Networks

and using Networks…

Are you using any of the available Social opportunities?

overwhelmAre you building an online ?

A recent statistic shows that over 27% of adults skip out on joining Social Networks.

Once you see the reason why, you’ll be armed with the knowledge to make a *lot more * in your business…

…And in the process, help a lot more folks out!

Get this: The biggest reason WHY is that they don’t know how to sign-up!

…Picking usernames and passwords.Bea Reeves - Partner with Terry Reeves - T & B Ventures - Blog www.bea-terryreeves.com - Futuristic Retirement

…Uploading profile pics.

…Adding ‘friends’.


They simply get confused and lost in it all, so they just give up.

PLUS, they don’t see WHY it’s that important.  It’s not a necessity to them to be on the Social Networks.

Now this is profound.

Why so, you may ask?

Because to you, likely signing up a new account to Facebook or Google+ or Twitter is not hard at all.

But to some, they just don’t get it.  Those seeking a Futuristic Retirement and using Social Networks, occasionally, seem to have issues with the concept.

In short, we underestimate what we know, and we overestimate what other people know!

Do you think a lot of us are hard-wired to think that way?


Well, we do.

So how does this put more dollars in your pockets and help more people out?

First, you need to have your ‘Ideal ’ in your mind.  You need to know exactly who your target market is so you know how to talk to them and know what step they are at in their business and life.

Then, you don’t assume that they know things that seem simple to you.

Because people that assume make a… well, you know what out of themselves! :-)

So make it clear.

Give step-by-step, simple directions to follow.How to do everything - step by step

Explain things in detail.

How to set up a blog.

…Registering to Facebook and Skype.

…Buying your first ad on FB.

…Purchasing your first solo ad.

Getting your Web Hosting easily setup.

…Loading up and sending your first email

…Building your first list to 100.

…Setting up your first squeeze page .

…Choosing the right business model from the start.

You get the point.  What may be easy to you, is rocket science to another person just getting started.

One tip:  Get out of YOUR shoes and put yourself put yourself in their shoesinto the shoes of your ideal customer.

That’s when you’ll start to realize that you’re quite the expert, and you can start filling in the blanks for a lot of people that the so called gooroos’ are supposedly helping, but are not being clear enough on all the How-To’s…

Next, give a big reason WHY.

The older adults didn’t see the need to be on FB or Twitter.

And you know what, maybe they didn’t need to be.

But when you’re considering your target market, you need to give them a reason WHY to sign up or take whatever action you want them to take.

Again, just don’t assume they know.  They likely don’t.

So.  We just gave you several incredible money-getting gold nuggets of information, so we hope you can go out and make good use of it.The 21 step MTTB system by Matt Lloyd

A great program to not only to be a part of, but to also see firsthand how this works can be found within the MTTB 21 Step system:

It’s step-by-step, A-Z, it’s not *assumed* that you know every little step to running a 6 & 7 figure business in this year…

So it covers it all.

And you’ll even get a coach to help you when you need em’.

“Far-Out, heh?”

You can check it out here:

We hope there is value for you here…

Talk soon,
Bea & Terry reeves






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