“Ride the Current” to a Futuristic Retirement Income

Quit paddling up stream …Instead, “ride the current”

When beginning a new business venture, you much consider a, seemingly, countless number of factors.  You find your questions have more than one answer and, some of them are of a contrary opinion of each other. 

       How do you start your business?start

       Where do you get the to begin?

       Where do you learn the business?

       How do you get customers?

      What is your in life?

      What advertising strategies should you use?

There are dozens more questions seem to continually “pop up”.

It seems that getting the answers, to these questions, is simply an exercise in “paddling up stream”.

How do we make this exercise easier?

While there are a myriad of methods to reach your goal, let’s take a look at these four basic principles that may help you to organize your process of answering these questions.  These principles include: 

         Your ultimate goalset a goal



         to build

Let’s take each of these concepts, one at a time.

Your ultimate goal

Enjoy the process of goal setting.  Goal setting is a very old concept that will provide you with a target for your future.  You must recognize that there are different methods you should use to reach your goal. surfers waiting These methods must be simultaneous in order to provide a more secure way of reaching it.  If one method stalls, another method may provide the continuing movement toward your end goal.

Seeking to “ride the current” toward your goal is the way people will be able to have something left at the end of the road.  Use all the time you need in this process.  It is important and obviously will ultimately affect your Futuristic Retirement Income.


You must gain knowledge of the various methods you will utilize to reach your goal.  Without knowledge, you will be “paddling up stream” and, as the saying goes, “without a paddle”.  As you probably know, is a fun process. 

Learn all you can about the methods you chose but remember that, at some time, you must act.  The learning methods will be based upon what you need to know.  For example, it is best to learn about the stock market and investments, of this nature, by reading various market newsletters, The Wall Street Journal and/or take a course or two that will provide you the basic understanding necessary. 

A trustworthy adviser is often the best way for many to move into this area.  In spite of the adviser, personal knowledge is a necessity.  We continually seek more information in this area.  Following the knowledge path is but a small stream in the path toward “riding the current to your ultimate goal”.

in Yourself

accountantInvesting in you involves a far reaching area.  It includes knowledge and learning how to prepare for your future.  It involves savings and investment vehicles that will enhance your Futuristic Retirement Income.  It accentuates multiple vehicles for attaining your investment ; which, by the way, are directed toward your “ultimate goal”

Investments such as time, persistence and energy toward reaching the “ultimate goal” is, in fact, the only way you will reach your selected “ultimate goal”.  It will not be done for you instead you must put in the effort.  This concept bears serious consideration by everyone involved. 

Visualize yourself in the position that you desire.  This exercise is often difficult for many.  It can remain a struggle to continually visualize yourself in a position that places you where your “ultimate goal” is.  Persistence, here, is the way to reach that goal and “ride the current” to the end.

Savings to build

Developing, or following any business model will only be necessary if you are willing to invest the funds and make it a success.  nest eggEntrepreneur after entrepreneur have discovered a significant amount of resources as well as “sweat equity” must be invested in an enterprise that will provide sufficient funds for a secure Retirement

Personal savings and reinvestment of proceeds are the most common and effective method used to build a new business.  Personal branding is a necessary part of a consistently successful business.  The reputation of a business is all it has for its success.  A loss of confidence in the business will create a huge hole in that business’s profit potential. 


When the above concepts have been put into place, you will find yourself charged with a clear picture and direction.  This energy will provide you with the ability to take little setbacks and obstacles in stride and continue to “ride the current” on your path to a comfortable Futuristic Retirement Income.

Let us know how you feel about this.

Bea & Terry Reeves

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