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“Making passive

The fact you are here tells us a few things about how you look at “Making from home”…

– You are ready for a change in your life…

– You want to earn more money; achieve your own personal and professional , and

– You almost certainly believe you are worth more than what the world is currently telling you are worth.

A little about us…

We have been working online since November of 2011.  Bea actually began the project by working on the weekends in June of 2011 and exploring various opportunities.  The goal was to find ways of making passive income when we reach our “Futuristic Retirement”.

Bea found a particular program that allows participants to get a license and become a partner in the business.  This program provides the opportunity to do a little bit every day or week and reap some reward for your efforts.

In May of 2012, we were involved in a serious accident and we both received broken necks.  Very shortly after we left the hospital, we were recovering at home when we received an e-mail that told us we had just received a commission of over $1,100.

The significance of this is that we had not done anything for over a month because of our accident and, as a result of measure we had in place, we made the commission.

One year gone by and we’re bringing in about $2,000 per month.

We learned that the program was legitimate, and that it was real.  Later, the founder came upon a program that was even better.

This program included an outstanding training model for people like us.  The latest thing is actually called “My Top Tier Business“.

The “My Top Tier Business” system is one of many that MOBE offers, as the antidote to all the “get-rich-quick”, “make-it-sound-easy”, “why-can’t-I-figure-this-out” programs out there.  It provides a way of making passive income from home and specifically can work for those close to retirement or in retirement.

The Internet is littered with systems promising you an easy way to get rich on line and, tragically, either under delivers, with regard to the content that is important to know and/or lacks any support.

At “MTTB”, we keep our focus simple.  It’s about YOU.  In particular our focus is on two things:

1. Giving YOU tools that can help you be successful NOW

2. Teaching YOU strategies that can help you be even more successful in the future

You’ll find, in “MTTB”, many features and options that don’t exist anywhere else on the Internet.

Among the many are…

–  One on One coaching to set you upthe words work at home designed in shape of a pool side recliner chair as you are making passive income

–  Training webinars

–  Advertising done for you

–  closed for you

–  Low to high end product mixes provided and managed for you

–  Daily and Weekly, training calls and webinars that help you every step of the way

– Making Passive Income opportunities

Every dollar and every minute you spend with us is an INVESTMENT in yourself and your future.  Everyone here is committed to making this venture a profitable one for YOU!

Work half as hard at this as most people do for a boss, believe in the process and it’s reasonably assured that your life will change forever.

A small lesson for us…

We had this experience last winter when the power went out, during a storm of course. Having the power go out is not necessarily a big problem because it usually comes back on fairly soon.

comedic depiction of a furnace repair man that will cost you money as you try making passive incomeThis time was different because, when the power went out, our furnace was running.  And, when the power came back on, the furnace would not…

We called the furnace repair man!

He actually came to the house within a couple of hours, and investigated our problem. After a couple of minutes, he asked us if our power went out.  The the second question was if the furnace was running when the power went out.

With both answers being “yes”, he proceeded to push a button and the furnace lit.

He subsequently told us about the safety switch that will cause a furnace to not lite because of how it was turned off.  He showed us how to fix the problem the next time, charged us $80 and said that we had just received a lesson we won’t forget soon.

We actually received two lessons.

1 – How to lite the furnace after the safety button pops out.

2 – Put the service manuals for your equipment in a “handy” place so you can check first before you call in the reinforcements.

Some of what you will learn…

You begin by learning the principles of “Traffic, and ”, and how this applies to YOUR business.

There are important things about:

1) The core essence of = how much are you willing to pay to acquire a client.  How well you compete comes down to how much you can afford to pay.  That’s economics.

2) Its all math and psychology.  Much is given to psychology…  math is just as critical.  Math can save poor psychology.  Poor math will sink the best copy/offer every time.

3) How to design an ad, place and ad and evaluate an effective ad has a huge impact upon your business.

THIS is where most fail online. 

The economics just don’t work out for them to make a !   You have to start with the economics or business model FIRST.  Not the traffic.  That part comes into play later down the road.

It is absolutely critical that you get this.

First, you have the economics.  So you need a business model that will convert and transfer wealth to you.  THEN you focus on targeted traffic that will result in sales and profits, as long as you’re doing it right. (Which you learn throughout the .)

It’s so important that you get this thinking process right.  If you miss it, then you’ll be like most marketers out there who are constantly spending money on traffic that “should” convert, but instead they’re losing money by the boatloads.  That is a very dangerous cycle to be in!

Your First Steps…

The “” model is comprised of 21 important steps, all of which must be done within 21 days. 5 steps 1 You’ll be working 1-on-1 with your own Top Tier coaches, who will show you how our Top Tier Income system works.  Within your first 30 days, if you follow the program, you will be making passive income online.  Guaranteed!

In the beginning, you’ll cover the basics and later continue with the more complex strategies that successful online marketers use.

It’s important to have a solid base and understanding in place, before we can begin showing you the more complex strategies that lead to the higher commissions.

Our coaches have been at this for a long time, and are here to help you get results.

Here is Our Guarantee

Our guarantee to you is that if you’ve not made a commission online after your first 30 days after completing the 21 steps, we will pay you $500 which includes your initial investment.

This is conditional on you;

1. Completing all 21 steps, in under 21 days

2. Putting in at least 30 minutes a day to complete this program.  (If you’re not willing to invest 30 minutes a day – owning your own is probably not for you).

3. Reading and taking action on all the material, keeping in touch with your Top Tier coaches and taking action on their suggestions, watching all the training videos from start to finish, and attending all training webinars live. Our system logs this and your coach will ask you questions about what you learned, etc., as you progress.

How build a passive income works…

It’s like building a house. You wouldn’t start with building the sides without the foundation would you?

As with any successful endeavor, if you plan your work correctly and correctly work your plan, you’ll achieve in a short amount of time what takes most people a lifetime.  And we’re here to make sure you take the correct first steps to do this.

Each day, complete at least one new step.  If you like, you can complete up to 3 steps in a single day – but it’s recommended you don’t do any more than that.

The goal is not to complete the 21 steps in record time: the goal is you fully understand each step before moving on.  This is how you’re going to get maximum results.

Follow this link to learn more about Making passive income from home.

We hope this provided you with some value.

Talk soon,

Bea & Terry Reeves

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