Time Management “MYTH”

Time Management “MYTH”

Time management is often openly discussed as a means to a profitable end.

You’ve likely heard of the 80/20 Principle before…

You can go REALLY deep with it, but basically, it means you’ll get 80% of your results from just 20% of the effort.

So, how does this affect time management?

This about this…

“If you can find out what that 20% is, you’ll work less, make more, and will live a much happier and more fulfilling life.”

And who doesn’t want that?

But here’s the thing:

time management in blog postMany people start to look into the 20% of activities that they need to be more focused on, and then they try to go about it by using time management techniques.

However, time management techniques are usually meant for people that are ALREADY very productive.

Businessmen, high level executives and so forth…

They simply need some new strategies and ways to manage what they’re doing well at and make those even better.

But, if you’re wasting time right now on all the wrong things, you don’t need Time Management.

If you’re unbalanced in your time and what you’re doing, a TIME REVOLUTION is required!

8 Ways To Start Your Time Management Revolution:

(btw- If you want to go deeper down the Rabbit hole, check out The 80/20 Principle by Richard Koch, the book from which these principles are taken.)

1) Make the difficult mental leap of disassociating effort and reward.

This basically means that hard work, doesn’t equal big returns, usually it’s just the opposite.

Take Warren Buffet for example.  He’s a pretty wealthy fella.  Multiple Billions. Does he WORK?  Nope, not in the way you would picture.

He Invests.

Slowly, methodically, WISELY.

Put down the Hammer.  Do things “Smart” now.

2) Give Up Guilt. (Do what you enjoy!)

3) Free yourself from obligations imposed by others.hoose your obligations selectively and with care, and YOU control your time, or others will control it with their schedules and needs, which usually doesn’t have your best interests at heart!

Choose your obligations selectively and with care, and YOU control your time, or others will control it with their schedules and needs, which usually doesn’t have your best interests at heart!

4) Be unconventional and eccentric in use of your time.80 20 rule in time management

5) Identify the 20% that gives you the 80%.

6) Multiply the 20% of the time that gives you the 80%.

7) Eliminate or Reduce the Low Value activities.

8) Take the time to do this personally, and you’ll start to see some amazing things happen in your business and life.

Ignore it, and you’ll continue on struggling as most, knowing there is a much better way for you and your family.

And as far as this Online Business thing goes, a lot of this has already been figured out.

80 percent of your time should be spent each day marketing and selling your goods.

Take your eye off that ball, and you’ll start to suffer.

So here’s the time management challenge…

In order to focus 80% of the time on marketing and selling…

You need a solid:


Follow-up system…

Sales pages…

Lead Capture pages…

And a host of others things to get the initial infrastructure set-up properly first. Then all of that has to be maintained!

And that’s where most get stuck with their time management issues.  Somewhere within all of those steps.brand licensing in time management

That’s where the power of Licensing comes in, especially with a system like MTTB.

You get to ‘License out’ an already proven and successful system.  This system is consistently bringing in over $1 million a month right now, with a huge chunk of that going out to partners.

You’ll have everything you need… Pages, Products, High Ticket Selling Opportunities, it’s all there.

What’s this mean for you?

You can get straight to the meaty profit making stuff.  The 80%.

Marketing and Selling.

Don’t know how to go about that either?

As they say, “No worries mon!”

You get a traffic coach, and a full-on, what’s working now traffic training included in the program.

As Wanda says on the show, In Living Color, ‘I got you!’…

Yep. We got your back. You’ve just got to get started.

The ball is in your court now…


Have a great day,

Bea & Terry Reeves

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Here is the link.  http://bea-terryreeves.com/hbri



ps.  We make ourselves as available as possible:

e-mail – trtbventures1@gmail.com

facebook – facebook.com/beaterryreeves

Skype – “bventures1” – 1-231-580-8800 (leave a message)

Twitter – “BeaTerryReeves”

Google + – “bea-terry reeves”


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Online success – like “Wheel of Fortune”?

Online success – is it like winning the “Wheel of Fortune”?

This one fellow actually did the impossible!

Okay, we’re not sure if you’re familiar with Wheel Of Fortune, but we’ll assume you are… if not, Google is always one click away.wheel of fortune in online success wheel

There’s a guy that was on there a while back that did something pretty crazy.

First off though, he was striking out pretty badly…

So, if you reach the end of the show, you enter in to the Championship Round.

You get to choose a few vowels and consonants…

And then if you “guess really well”, you’ll have an easier time winning, if all your brain cells are firing off on full power…

In his case, he did NOT choose very well… at all!

After picking his letters, here’s what he was left with before the clock started ticking…

NE_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Subject: Thing

What would you guess there if you had only 10 seconds and that’s all you had to go on?


The first thing that blurted out of his mouth was the answer…

New Baby Buggybaby buggy in online success wheel

$45,000 won…

Just like that…

Now, something like this doesn’t happen very often… It’s RARE.

In fact the winner was stunned that he had guessed right…

And that’s exactly what it was:  “A Guess”.

When you’re playing games, hey that’s just fine!

When it comes to Online Success.

But when it comes to making money or losing money?

When it comes to something that could drastically change your life for better or worse?

You never want to just ‘guess’ or leave things to blind hope or luck for online success.

pieces of puzzle in online success wheelYou want as much of the puzzle already completely filled out for you as possible – before you even show up.

That’s why so much effort has gone into making MTTB a powerful system that leaves little for you to guess at.


You get started on the 21 Steps, and everything is laid out for you in plain language.

You take action, you achieve online success, just as many others have done and are doing right now.

It is as simple as that.  You work at it and online success will come.

And, if the system does fail ya?  Hey, if ya don’t get a commission, you’ll get your money back, no worries, no hassle at all.



We’d suggest you check this out, no guess work required, and you’ll make way more than you would on some cheesy game show…

It’s a simple program, but it does take effort on your part.
Have a great day,

Bea & Terry Reeves

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ps.  It’s about you and for you…  You decide


pss.  We make ourselves as available as possible:

e-mail – trtbventures1@gmail.com

facebook – facebook.com/beaterryreeves

Skype – “bventures1” – 1-231-580-8800

Twitter – “BeaTerryReeves”

Google + – “bea-terry reeves”


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Online Success from Mickey D’s…

Online Success from Mickey D’s…

Online Success seems to be a phrase that would not, normally, lead you to Mickey D’s.  There is a lesson in the Mickey D’s system that applies to online marketing.

The cool thing about a Real System is that as long as somebody shows up and follows the step by step instructions, it’ll work…steps to online success

Now, take McDonald’s for example…

The majority of the company is run by pimply teenagers with not an ounce of real business savvy, and for the most part, they aren’t sporting too much ambition either.

And they definitely aren’t working at Mickey D’s to show off their Culinary Skills right? Definitely not gourmet chefs…

Also, these young folks are most often only paid minimum wage…

Yet, they’re the backbone of this billion dollar giant that has franchises all around the world.

Why online success from Mickey D’s?

McDonald’s is a system.

It’s turnkey at its best.

So much so a turnkey business, that you can train a kid to do it.

Now if there was much of anything left to guess at?


“What should we put on special this week?”…

tough decisions with online success

tough decisions with online success

“How do we advertise?’…

“What temperature should we cook the fries?”…

“Should I hire the guy out front holding the sign that says ‘will work for food?”…

“When, what, how should we- “fill-in-the-blank”?

And, so on…

If any of this, if anything at all was left to guess, then it would not work!  The billion dollar giant would fall and be reduced to the equivalent of ‘Bob’s Burger Shack’, run by the owner, 1 store, every day a hair-pulling hell…

See, it’s NOT what they’re selling that makes them successful.  We think we all know they don’t have the most incredible food on the planet, it is occasionally a treat.

Yet, you can depend on the same experience pretty much any McDonald’s you go to anywhere in the world.

That’s a system.

Online Success And true Systems equal growth…

True systems are so duplicable that even a teenager can do it…

Transcending to the online realm, things get even better than that, if you can find a similar type of system that will work like gangbusters.

Because online, you don’t have to hire staff, store-front space, or spend a million plus to purchase a franchise like McDonald’s…

turnkey to online successHowever, it still needs to be step-by-step, turnkey enough that virtually anyone could follow the directions and succeed with it.

And this is where most fail. Even if what they’re doing DOES work, they don’t know how to make it work for everyone.

And the reason why is it’s hard to do so. It requires something similar that McDonald’s requires in order gaining success.

Yes, step by step instructions, but also a proven system, staff, done for you marketing materials, new product releases partners can plug-in to, support from corporate and other partners, big ticket sales that corporate brings you…

Masterminds each year that you’re invited to where other top ‘store owners’ show you what’s working in their businesses, and so forth…

Of course in our industry, this means the ‘top earners’, the ones you see holding the big checks… Wouldn’t it be nice to know exactly how they’re doing it? Yes indeed… So you got to get to these Masterminds!

So as you see, WORK has to be done, just like McDonald’s. But the cool thing is that turnkey means you’re not doing all this work.

As a partner, you get access to the proven business model that works, and all that comes along with it…

If you’re interested in something like this, then we’d highly suggest you check it out.

It’s the cream of the crop in online systems.  In fact, there is nothing else out there quite like it.

A Full system…

Full on support…

High Ticket Commissions…

And a lot more…

Check it out!


Talk soon,

Bea & Terry Reeves

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Healthy profits online

Healthy profits online…

Healthy profits online are somewhat like a patient in need of a really good doctor.

‘The physician should not treat the disease but the patient who is suffering from it.’      –Maimonides

Hey, we can’t even pronounce the guys name, but it’s a GREAT quote that aptly applies to making healthy profits online.

And we know a little history about this, as it was said many years ago that the doctors of today wouldn’t be treating the illnesses out there, but rather the PEOPLE with them…

Why is this philosophy the case?

Well, because it’s almost NEVER the illness or disease that is the real problem.

bad habits healthy-profits-online bea-terryreeves.comIt’s the PERSON that actually prevents healthy profits online.

Their HABITS, often times, get in the way of success.

Their created RITUALS that they follow daily and live by.

They’re usually the one that created the disease and illness, and if you look to treating THEM and not the illness, usually the disease or illness will disappear completely…

Now we know, very well that, this isn’t ALWAYS the case, but we’re speaking mass here.  Most diseases ARE without a doubt preventable with good eating and living a healthy lifestyle…

And so it goes with healthy profits online…

If you want healthy profits online and a reliable income, the first place you usually need to look is not at the system you have, not your ‘guru’, not lack of time – no, none of that!

It’s a YOU issue!

You’ve got to look at yourself, and find out how to treat/fix yourself so you can rise to the next level.

It’s this way with all of us…

We found ourselves floundering through a myriad of “shiny objects”.  We learned that we had to focus.

So how to you fix yourself?

Well, there are lots of ways to do that, and we can’t go too deep here, but let’s take a stab at a few possible things…

What’s your symptoms right now?

Broke?broke healthy-profits-online bea-terryreevess.com



Too busy?

Yet to make healthy profits online?

First figure out what your symptoms are and then, looking at YOURSELF, figure out what you think the ’cause’ of these symptoms are…

Spend more than you make?

Got too much on your plate?

Expecting results too fast?

Wasting too much time on email and FB?

Devouring content and getting ‘Smart’, but not Producing your own content?

Then, find out how you can fix these things...right here today.

Save back 20-30% of every paycheck, even if it means eliminating some non-essential bills, eating out less etc…

It takes sacrifice to make healthy profits online.

This was a valuable lesson we learned about making healthy profits online.

Pick just one system and method of making healthy profits online,

…and focus ONLY on that thing!

Pick a specific time to check email, fb, fave blogs etc. each day.

Get some things off your plate so you can get more clarity (make a list of these things).

Set a clear plan to create value for others more than you consume from others.


This’ll give you a nice start to healthy profits online.

Give it a serious look over and take action here, change yourself and you change your life.

You unlock the REAL YOU.

And that’s just an awesome thing to fathom right!?

Be sure to leave a comment.


To your success,

Bea & Terry Reeves

beaterry edited vignette





P.S.  Go here to get a 7 video boot camp to get started on your healthy-profits-online.



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Riding Waves vs Making Waves…

Riding Waves vs Making Waves…

Riding waves vs making waves, helps to distinguish between two ways that people try to go about making money online…

One works every time… The other RARELY works…  (This is the plan most are subscribed too.)

The first way is what we call “Passive Waves”.

It’s where you take whatever is given to you and you roll with that.  Most people live their whole life this way!

Their job is given to them or they fall into it in some way. I hate my Job-riding-waves bea-terryreeves.com And most absolutely hate their job, and all they’d have to do is go out and find something better…

Yet, they don’t, because they’re WAITING…

They’re waiting for somebody else to step in and ‘give’ that opportunity to them, which usually never happens.

They’re riding waves – the passive wave.

They’re simply taking what’s been given to them, usually knowing that their life could be much better if they took complete control of where their life is headed.

We were in this place when we began our search for an online business opportunity and we looked at, reviewed, prodded, punched and open up for inspection a countless number of programs that caught our interests.

We had our jobs, we were looking forward to retirement and, before our accident, we were searching for our future opportunities.  After divesting ourselves of our real estate investments (prior to the crash), we felt that other retirement opportunities must be explored.  We had realized the truth about a job.

Because here’s the truth:  Either you’re controlling your life, or others are controlling your life for you.

Again, 98% of the world is riding the passive waves of mediocrity. 

They’re a stringed puppet being controlled by others… Their Choice.

But here’s the issue about Riding Waves

These same people try to go about building their online business this exact same way.

See they look around online, they research, and they make their own decision (they think) to join a program or buy a ‘how-to’ product that could honestly change their life. However, they’re still in that “Passive Wave” mindset.  

They’re riding waves… They’re waiting for someone to step in and say ‘Do This, Do That’… 

They’re waiting for someone to take them by the hand and force them to success.

They’re waiting for opportunities and results to come to them instead of working their tails off to get to where they want to be in life.

Does this make sense? Here's what to do next - after hating your job riding-waves bea-terryreeves.comOffline, you may be given a job.  It’s a job!  So, you’ve got a time to come in to work, they tell you what to do, you have obligations, rules, and if you don’t measure up to the responsibility, you’ll get canned.

Online, you’re given an Opportunity.  BIG DIFFERENCE.

You have an ‘opportunity’ to make zero dollars or a million dollars.  It’s all about what you make of the opportunity itself, and riding the “passive waves” will rarely get you there.  

Riding waves will not, necessarily, get you to the million.

Which brings us to…

Making Waves.

Taking the bull called your life by the horns…

You don’t wait for opportunities, you create them.  

You don’t wait for success to come beating at your door, you go out and beat down walls to find it.

Instead of riding waves, you go out and make waves. You don’t wait for permission from ANYONE!  You go out and get yours!

And lets preface that by saying this, and we think this will be very liberating for you…

Riding Waves vs Making Waves is gonna be messy.

Yup. making waves riding-waves bea-terryreeves.comWe all imagine this straight and perfect path to success and think in our minds that it’s how the successful people we know got to where they’re at.

But that’s just not true. In every success that’s out there, it’s been full of twists and turns, successes and failures, tears of pain and tears of joy…

That’s the path. It’s never a straight line.  It’s never perfect. And that’s why it is so beautiful.

This can be liberating for you because it removes the need for you to go out and expect perfection of yourself.  

Heck, Riding Waves and Making Waves is often experiencing one failure after another, and that LEADS you to the big successes. Don’t view them as failures, but more as learning opportunities.

So… Whatever you’ve been given, whatever you’ve got to work with right now, resolve to go out and “Make Waves”. Just stop riding waves and don’t wait another moment.

See where you want to go, get you a path and plan of attack, and then get at it.

We know you can do this…

And if you need help with getting to where you want to go, and you need a proven plan of attack, then check this out.

You’ll get all the support, training, and tools you’ll need in order to do this right.

We’re here for your success and we’re here to help you achieve all of the freedom you deserve!

Be sure to leave a comment.


Here’s to making waves,

Bea & Terry Reeves

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Start doing it

Start doing it

Start doing it and you will be able to avoid repeating this.

Here is a Quickie of a question today for ya!

“Does, buying information products, make you money?”

Before we answer that… let us tell you a story about Bertha.

sweets in start doingBertha is a sweet enough woman, but she literally “loves” the sweets a little too much.

So much so that she’s put on about 100 extra lbs. of unwanted weight the last few years…

And now she’s ready to start shedding some pounds… and fast!

Step 1)  She heads to her bookstore and picks up the latest 5 Star Reviews Weight Loss book: “How To Get Sexy And Thin In No Time Flat.”

“Hmm…  yes this looks just like what I need!”, she says to herself.

So, she gets home excited to read it, grabs a bag of Doritos, a handful of Oreo’s, her 32 oz. Coke Cola, and she plops down on the couch and starts digging into the book…uhm…and her snacks.burger and fries in start doing

Oh, she really loves the book, and it all makes so much sense!  She reads a chapter at night while she’s finishing up on a carton of ice-cream…

She reads through a few minutes as she has her lunch at Hippo Happy Burgers and Fatty Fries…

Then, a short while later, after being distraught by her lack of results, she goes to a personal trainer…

She mentions the book she had just read…

The trainer says: “Oh, I love that book, what did you think about it?”

The woman says:  “Really!?  It didn’t work for me at all!  I’ve been reading it for a month now and I haven’t lost an inch of fat (sips on her Mountain Dew.)!…

Now, did reading this book cause this woman to lose weight?

Duh, not really!

She enjoyed reading it?  She read it cover to cover and it made her feel like she had accomplished something reading it…

She even knew if she followed the books advice that it would indeed work, and she planned everyday on doing it, even though she always had an excuse not to start doing it – just then!

So, the obvious answer is NO, because she didn’t start doing it.

Reading HOW to start doing something is barely even the first step of the process…

Actually Start Doing.  Taking Imperfect Action Forward!… That’s what counts.

So…Online, will buying information products, videos, pdf’s etc… make you money?…

Will simply reading through them, even giving it a light try a time or two work?

Of course it won’t, it’s not actually doing it.

For 85% of people, it’s just another form of entertainment really.

Now, they are great, they CAN make you extremely wealthy from what some products out there teach you.

But that’s only the case IF you are actually committed to rolling up your sleeves and doing the work.

And start doing it consistently.

Implementation baby!…implementation in start doing

Now, we know a big problem is it’s simply HARD to take action, to implement, to put together all the pieces into a clear plan where you even know WHAT to do…

This is the latest solution:

The implementation plan is simple…

Go through the 7 simple steps, listen to your coaches, and follow the easy plan to start putting leads through our funnels right away…

Then, you get $1,000, $3,000, $5,000 commissions…

In this rare and exceptional case, it’s not what you DO or implement on, it’s what you now KNOW and more importantly…

It’s what you know OWN…

A powerful system that works for you, night and day, 24/7, around the clock.

Again, you can get started by going here to this link now.
Do it for you,

Bea & Terry Reeves






Contact Us Today

ID = bventures1

ID = bventures1



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Big ticket myths…

Big ticket myths for online marketers…

Unless you can do majorly big numbers online, you must sell at big ticket prices or your business will inevitably die…

This has been proven time and time again!

You can get to 1 million in just 100 steps if you’re selling at a $10,000 price point for example.

If you’re selling a $10 product?… Well, now it’s going to take you 100,000 steps!…  Whoa…

However, we think many people don’t quite get all this, because they’re viewing everything from their own perspective.

And online?  That’s rarely a good thing…

See, they look at things from the angle as to why somebody would pay a big ticket price for something…big ticket

Or perhaps, they look at what they could sell at a big ticket price; or they may think they can come in and undercut a $2,000 product and offer something ‘similar’ for just $47 and clean house with the competition…

Again… wrong, wrong, WRONG!

They just don’t get it.

Big ticket is “NOT” all about you and your profits!

One big reason (besides the big profits) to sell at big ticket prices is this fact:

value graph in big ticketSelling at “big ticket” allows you to have a large profit margin, which then allows you the ability to create an extraordinary value AND experience for your “tribe”…

That’s why undercutting others with cheap prices, or trying to survive from selling $47-$97 products just doesn’t work, for you or your buyers…

There’s no meat on the bone left to actually SERVE and offer any real Value and Support…

People need, want, and trust us, WILL PAY for a premium experience.

For example:  We know of a place in Venice that a friend had gone to a while back, and coffee for himself and his wife cost $45!

And they happily paid for it…


It was for the experience…

The atmosphere there was incredible, the service was remarkable, and they even had a live band playing for them in the background.

Now, if that cup of coffee was only $1.50 each?

No amazing atmosphere…

No band…

No experience that they’ll remember for the rest of their lives…

Even take Starbucks for example…

$5.00 coffees allows them the margin to create an experience of their own, and we’ll happily pay for coffee there over McDonald’s or the gas station…

Selling at big ticket, premium, top tier prices isn’t all about you…

The big ticket is about “THEM”.

Creating the experience people truly desire and need right now…

And if you truly want to help yourself, and others make a real income online, more than just an e-book or product is needed.it is about the customer in big ticket

That’s the equivalent of a cheap coffee served up in a Styrofoam cup…

You need an experience that will allow someone the time to really show you how to get to $10,000 a month and beyond…

You need the support, the training, a full suite of products to promote, you need it all…

And you can provide just that with this totally new system.

Now this isn’t set at a premium price, in fact all you have to invest right now is in the application fee, and that’s simply to make sure that you’re serious and a right fit for the program…

However, it’s the exact place you want to get to right now to go further down this path we’ve just discussed here together.

You can get the formula here:

Let us know what you think!


Talk soon,

Bea & Terry Reeves

Contact Us Today

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ID = bventures1



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Click, Click… DOOM?

Click, click… is that all we need?

The big numbers you see people bragging about often online are clicks, open-rates, new subscribers…

… All those numbers really don’t mean jack squat!

We mean really?…

We can throw a few hundred bucks at sum’ solo ads, and hours later we’ll have hundreds of new subscribers.  Yet, that doesn’t mean they’ll open our emails, and if they open our emails, that doesn’t mean they’ll read our message OR buy anything from us…

Same thing goes with any other marketing source…

Got content that went viral?

Did it get thousands of shares?

Did hundreds ‘like it’?…

Who cares…

How many sales did the “click” get?

Did people actually consume it?…

An interesting fact is that the most shared content online doesn’t even get read…

open rates in bea-terryreeves.com clickMost clicks, shares, open-rates…  they don’t get any consumption past the 3-15 seconds mark.

To succeed online, you want to be a different breed of marketer.

One that actually cares about what they’re putting out there.  One that’s not just trying to generate a click…

A marketer that focuses on the user experience before everything else.

And if you do things right?…  The sales will start coming in…T hey’ll start pouring in…

Think about the click this way:

We was just reading a new book by Frank Kern, if you don’t know him, he’s a very well-known and successful marketer…

Anyway, here’s what he said that we wanted to share…  It just happens to go well with what we’re saying here:

“To a man in the desert, even dirty pond water looks delicious.prospects in click  Your prospects and customers are in that desert… and if you present them with GOOD water, they’ll flock to you in droves.”

In short?…

Don’t worry so much about the click, but rather what they’re clicking ON.

Make sure it’s awesome, make it easy to consume, make sure it’s your best stuff!!…

Do that and you’ll dominate this business for years to come.

Now…  need a baseline platform to get this all going?

This program can really help you do this, as it’ll provide you with a great system to bring you fast results,

And this will allow you to get to humpin’ on what we just covered in this email…

This is game-changing stuff!!

Talk soon,

Bea & Terry Reeves






Contact Us Today

ID = bventures1

ID = bventures1



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Business automation and remote Alaska

Business automation and remote Alaska

Business automation messages show up on this show on T.V. where average men and women are given a brief survival training, then they’re dropped off to survive in remote, wild Alaska…

9 People.

Who will drop out first?

Here’s what is interesting…

Of course, the first few that give up are the whiny babies that can’t hack it.  The compulsive complainers and pampered preps.

alaska survival in business automationThe harsh realities are just too much for their thin skins to handle.  Either physically, or mentally, the wilderness beats them…

Some greenhorns even give up within the first few hours!

However, the next few that tend to give up may surprise you.

It’s the hard workers that bring business automation…

These are the people that everyone else heavily relies on.

They carry the heaviest packs, they hunt the most and eat the least, they’re awake before everybody else cooking and keeping up camp…

Then it always happens…

Their back goes out, they faint from lack of calories, they get some weird infection, etc…

Now this all could have been avoided if they would have worked Smarter rather than simply working Harder…

Same thing online…

If you try to do it all yourself?

You’ll get burned out without business automation…

business automation gearsAll the most successful online business owners we know don’t try to do everything

Leveraging other peoples efforts, outsourcing menial tasks, using automated tools and so forth definitely helps and is a great start…

Yet one of the most important things to get help with is in integrating High Ticket offers into your business.

Most know they need them, or they can see the benefits of getting big commissions, but they don’t know what to sell or how to do it…

That’s why you leverage a system that does it all for you.  You’re simply an affiliate partner, you drive the links you’re provided with, the team goes to work, and…

You can check it out here:


Talk later,

Bea & Terry Reeves






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Powerful Marketing Punch…

Powerful Marketing Punch… 

Powerful marketing punches are carried by interesting Caffeine Stats…

If you’re like a huge percentage of the world, you find yourself a BIT addicted to caffeine.

Many people can’t hardly survive within 30 minutes of waking up without getting their first *fix* of coffee.coffee cup in bea-terryreeves.com/powerful-marketing/

Yet, whether you’re a caffeine addict or not, it’s almost impossible to avoid the stuff!

It’s everywhere you turn, in soda bottles, energy drinks, tea, iced coffee drinks, and it’s even in things like gum these days.

Is this a powerful marketing issue?

Is there a recommended daily dose?
Yes and No…

Turns out there aren’t an ideal daily dosage for everybody.

Terry’s body might be able to take in 3-4 cups of coffee a day and Bea may only be able to take in 1-2.

So how much you can take varies GREATLY depending on who you are…

Everybody from kids to older people take in vast amounts of caffeine.

And, it’s reported to be very beneficial for the millions of athletes that take it in…

Now, for the correlation…

It’s hard, today, to open up your computer and not be overwhelmed with a ton of ‘how-to’ information.

It’s in your inbox, all over your Facebook page; it even follows you around the internet everywhere you go these days!

Is this a good thing, or a bad thing for powerful marketing?

Again, a bit of both…

A lot of people have become addicted to it, even worse than some are addicted to caffeine.

Every little product purchase is like a little fix, a jolt of adrenaline and excitement.adrenaline rush in powerful-marketing

For the upcoming home business or affiliate marketer, taking in too much information can prove deadly for your business!

But if you’re a pro, then you know how to leverage something called selective ‘in the moment’ learning modalities.

Only when you come across something you need to learn, while in the process of DOING IT, do you then consume ‘information’…

And it’s just what you need and then you’re on with it…  Not too much, not too little…  Juuussssst right…

Sort of similar to Coffee…

Too much is bad for you, but just the right amount can fuel you to greater heights and success.

And that’s precisely what some systems are designed to do:

Use an implementation system for your powerful marketing program.

Be a doer that’s ready to get real and serious about your results online.

If that’s you, we’d highly recommend you check this out now.

But don’t just do it to get a quick powerful marketing fix, do it because you’re serious and ready to do this for real.

Talk soon,

Bea & Terry Reeves

Matt Lloyd, Bea Reeves, Terry Reeves at Super Charge





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