Aspiring Entrepreneurs can avoid these four mistakes when starting online today and can achieve an abundance of wealth for a healthy lifestyle in a short amount of time if the right principals are put into place.

Yes there are many methods to learn, but finding the one that fits you is the most important first step.

Network is becoming one of the fastest growing models today.

It gives the average person the chance to get financially independent.  In a day and age when so many are struggling , getting laid off, being downsized, network marketing is an awesome opportunity.

Someone who is without a job and wishing they would have gone to college can literally achieve a wealthy lifestyle in Network Marketing. wealthy lifestyle in mistakes post It’s those individuals that come from stories of hard struggles that make it to the top of their dream lifestyles.

Building a Network Company online can be achieved easier with connections to anyone, anywhere, at any time via social media, Skype, Youtube etc…  You get the idea.

You even have your business in the palm of your hand at any time and you can send your prospecting information with the touch of a button.

There are 4 big mistakes made when starting online in Network Marketing.

The First is:  Time Disorder Pattern Mistakes

Have you ever noticed you set out to accomplish an idea or task on your computer for your business but they never happen?  What ends up happening is you spend most of the time searching for the idea.  Getting distracted by Facebook, Twitter, Youtube or getting other opinions in a forum/community.

So, when this occurs, you don’t know if you can trust what they say so you end up buying another product that doesn’t work or seems to complicated. Of course the time disorder pattern continues.

It is like being in your car with no idea where you are.  Because you are stuck in a thick fog and spinning your wheels getting nowhere.   Your creativity and productivity is gone and then you give up.

Second:  Lack Of Funds To Start Mistakes

While it is true that online ventures can be started with a low investment compared to lack of funds in mistakes posttraditional brick and mortar operations you still need some cash to start.  With the right tools to achieve your wealthy lifestyle you want you can start with a $100.

No website, no “techy stuff” but you “do” have to have a niche/product/idea.  Then you can find the method that fits you but follow the principals of the business model.

The way many aspiring entrepreneurs start is with free resources that you can get online and invest in inexpensive paid advertising methods.  By-the-way this is after you have learned the basics of marketing online first.  Like targeting, keywords, writing good content that gives value and creating a good marketing funnel.

Third:  Going Head First Mistakes, Instead …

Most new aspiring entrepreneurs do what most do.  Go in head first.  What do I mean?  Well let’s say it is your first time driving a car.  You wouldn’t get into the car, turn it on and then hit the gas pedal and think it is going to be easy the first time out, would you?  You could smash into a tree or hit someone.

Instead get a mentor or coach to help you step by step to avoid or lessen most of the costly and timely mistakes.  Yes you still will make some mistakes but you won’t give up as easy as most do.  It is like anything that you enjoy in life, a hobby, an interest or even an idea you have.  You research it get the knowledge and share it or teach it to others.  If someone said to you “I can save you $1,000’s a year with this one change.”  Would you research it, learn how and do it?  No brain-er here.

Fourth:  Creating a Plan/Direction Mistakes

Most new entrepreneurs have unrealistic expectations of quick results and big cash and, when it doesn’t quite work out, they give up on that project and buy another hype product.  This is why you need a business plan.plan-direction in mistakes post

Your plan should include your core mission, five to ten year goals, as well as marketing and advertising ideas.  Consider potential pitfalls in your business and how you are going to react to adversity with your business.

Are you going to start out with your product or are you using someone else’s product? Don’t just focus on the money.  If this is all you focus on you will tend to do only things that you think will give you quick cash.  It is the hardest one to get and it leaves the quickest.  By focusing on money to much you will always be looking for a quick way to get more traffic, some “secret” that could leverage more success and easy ways to make money.  You want to progress in steps.

There are other mistakes made online but these are the most popular ones.

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur who want to learn the online business or have already ventured into an online business we hope this helps give you a path to move forward.

If you need more insight about network marketing don’t hesitate to have a 20 minute conversation with us on a free Skype call ventures/231-580-8800 or visit us on  FB at

Talk soon,

Bea & Terry Reeves

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