A Magical Futuristic Retirement Income

It’s like Magic

David Blaine is probably not near a but he is most likely preparing for his retirement david blaine David has said:  “As a Magician, I think anything is possible.  And I think, if something is done by one person, it can also be done by others”.

How true that statement has proven to be.

There are so many stories online, you must believe, “if they can do it, you can too!”

If you don’t believe it, why the heck don’t you?

David Blaine, a well-known magician, made that quote when he had
just held his breath under water for 17 minutes.  How long can you hold your breath?

That didn’t happen overnight. It took a lot of training and a whole lot of in himself.

4 minute mileMany years ago, nobody thought that running a 4 minute mile was possible.  Finally though, one guy did it.  Then, almost immediately after that, a couple dozen more runners beat the 4 minute mile in that same year.

That lets you know our internal beliefs about what we “think” we are able to do, or can’t do, are VERY POWERFUL indeed.

If you’d just stop for 17 minutes and actually think about your current path, online or not, you’d begin to see a real way to your success too.  Now when you’re under the water for 17 minutes, you need intense focus.  Plus you must maintain the mentality that you have nothing to lose.

Nothing else in the world exists but you and that goal…

You will push through the unheard of boundaries to achieve that goal. success And that’s what you need to succeed online too.

Now you don’t have to be a magician and all that jazz.  You just have to have an undying belief in yourself and have the right plan to success that you can follow confidently.

Consider attending an event of some sort.  Perhaps a webinar on your computer would be more interesting for you.  Think about taking a trip, or a vacation for that matter, and considering where you would like your Futuristic Retirement Income to come from.

We have attended a few internet business gatherings with a great deal of success.  We have taken our vacations and found excellent results. 

We only suggest you think about it.  That’s all.  If, by chance, you are interested in the next event we plan to attend, let us know.


We’ll talk later,

Bea & Terry Reeves


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