Tremendous realization about leverage…

A Tremendous Realization about

There are several 7-8 figure a year companies we are aware of that have the word “Leverage” in their name.

Now people usually pick their name for a reason!  And we always wondered why they would pick some of the names they do.

Why the name “Leverage”?

After thinking deeply and discussing it we’ve arrived at the conclusion that leverage is pretty much “all encompassing”.leverage

Well, at least it should be, if you want dynamite profits online.  And that’s where the “Leverage” label’s tremendous power truly lies.

What is it about this “All Encompassing” idea?

Here it is…

It means that you need to look at EVERY part of your business from the Highest Leverage Point possible.

And the rest will be just the minutia that you ignore or pass on to somebody else to do.

For instance…

What’s the highest point of a realization about leverage that will bring you in the most ?

?internet traffic sources


…Relationship building?

…Going through products on how to get traffic?

…Killing time on ?

…Targeted ?

In our opinion, just ONE of those will give you the most leverage possible.

Plus, no matter what, you’ll realize that 80% of your time per day Minimum should be spent on your business.

So then…

You’ve got to start asking yourself High Leverage Questions in order to appreciate you realization about leverage.

What percentage are YOU spending right now in marketing your business? Most are probably in the 1-3% of their day range at best.  And that number may be quite generous.

Those struggling in this industry are in constant Reactor mode.  Letting their day and others control what they spend their time doing.

That would be something to think about.

Here’s one more big issue for you:

What would give you the “highest leverage point” for profits and serving others?

… $7.00 low ticket products?

…$397.00 mid-ticket products?

…$1,000 and up High Ticket Products?

…Or a fine mixture of it all? (Smart.)

High Ticket gives you the highest realization about “leverage” possible in your business and life.

Both in your personal freedom and the freedom you’ll have to help others.

Here’s where you can tap into a powerful system that teaches you the Art of High Ticket Commissions:

We hope this provided you with some value…

We are available, just Skype us at 1-231-580-8800.  Leave us a message and let’s get together.
Talk soon,

Bea & Terry Reeves

Bea and Terry Reeves with Matt Lloyd - Founder of My Online Business Empire - at the Super Charge in Chicago

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