The Legitimate Secret Revealed

The Legitimate

The legitimate secret revealed is something most Real marketers know and something that the Wannabes do not.

And it may just be the biggest secret that’s out there.

The secret that separates the consistent winners from the steady losers.

The secret is this: It’s not the marketing or part that’s hard.

What’s hard is sitting down and DOING IT.

And what keeps us from sitting down and doing it?

It’s what Steven Pressfield a famous author calls:


Resistance is one of the most toxic forces on the planet.

There’s the life we live.

And there’s the unlived life that is within us.

In the middle boldly stands The Resistance.

If you’ve ever bought a treadmill and let it gather dust.

If you’ve wanted to do something but have never actually done it.

If you like to play the guitar or some other instrument but never play.

If you want to make an additional and to be entrepreneurial but never START…

…Then you know what resistance is.

Are you ready to defeat it?

Do you want to really start making moves in this business and change your life for the better?

Well it’s time to start.

Because as -Telamon of Arcadia, a mercenary of the fifth century B.C. said:

“It is one thing to study war and another to live the warriors life.”

Studying this business will do very little for you. You’ve got to beat the resistance or it will defeat you forever.

How do we beat it?

Do as Pressfield says and Turn Pro.

What does a pro do?

He doesn’t procrastinate, which is a telltale sign of resistance.resistances from The Legitimate Secret Revealed

It’s illegitimate cousin says things like “I’ll do it tomorrow.”

That’s resistance.

A Pro Starts right away.

Once you decide to Go Pro, well, it’s like you’re an actual pro on the j-o-b, working for money! (Think about it.)

Once you decide to Go Pro in this business…

…You show up every day.

…You show up no matter what.

…You stay on the job all day.

…You’re committed over the long haul.

…You realize the stakes are high. (It’s about survival) Feeding your family, paying the bills, keeping a roof over your head.)

…We accept remuneration for our labor. (We’re not here to have fun. We work for money.)

You get the point right?

A wannabe doesn’t show up every day, a wannabe doesn’t show up no matter what, a wannabe doesn’t treat it like a j-o-b, a wannabe doesn’t even start.

A Pro rolls up his/her sleeves and gets to work. Every day-No Matter What.

The answer is simple and it’s the hardest thing you’ll ever do.

stop wisheing start doing from The Legitimate secret revealed

But it’s so incredibly fulfilling!

On the other side of resistance is momentum, , , , doing what you’ve always WANTED to do.

And it all starts when you decide to Go Pro.

If you’re tired of getting beat down by resistance and are ready to unleash your potential, then get started today.

Here’s to the pro within you aching to get out and play…

Turn pro.

Talk later,

Bea & Terry Reeves

beaterry edited vignette





—John Lee Hooker, ‘Boogie Chillen’

“One night I was layin down,
I heard Papa talkin’ to Mama.
I heard Papa say, to let that boy boogie-woogie.
‘Cause it’s in him and it’s got to come out.

—John Lee Hooker, ‘Boogie Chillen’

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