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Key Solution – “The physician should not treat the disease but the patient who is suffering from it.”   -Maimonides

Hey, we can’t even pronounce the guys name, but it’s a GREAT quote that aptly applies to a key solution for your business…the key - key-solution

And we know a little history about this, as it was said many years ago that the doctors of today wouldn’t be treating the illnesses out there, but rather the PEOPLE with them…

Why is this the case?

Well, because it’s almost NEVER the illness or disease that is the problem.

It’s the PERSON.

The Key Solution is in their HABITS.

Their created RITUALS they daily follow and live by.

They’re usually the one that created the disease and illness, and if you look to treating THEM and not the illness, usually the disease or illness will disappear completely…

healthy lifestyles in key-solutionYes, we know this isn’t ALWAYS the case, but we’re speaking mass here.   Most diseases ARE without a doubt preventable with good eating and living a healthy lifestyle

And so it goes with online…

If you want healthy profits and a reliable income, the first place you usually need to look is not at the system you have, not your ‘guru’, not lack of time- no, none of that!

It’s a YOU issue!…

You’ve got to look at yourself, and find out how to treat/fix yourself so you can rise to the next level.

It’s this way with all of us…

So how to you fix yourself?

Well, lots of ways to do that, and we can’t go too deep here, but let’s take a stab at a few possible things…

What are your symptoms right now?

?symptoms in key-symptoms



Too busy?

Yet to make a buck online?

First figure out what your symptoms are and then, looking at YOURSELF, figure out what you think the ’cause’ of these symptoms are…

Spend more than you make?

Got too much on your plate?

Expecting results too fast?

Wasting too much time on email and FB?

Devouring content and getting ‘Smart’, but not Producing your own content?

Then, find out how you can fix these things…

Save back 20-30% of every paycheck, even if it means eliminating some non-essential bills, eating out less etc…

A Key Solution can begin…

Pick just one system and method of making money online, like this one:

…and focus ONLY on that thing!

Pick a specific time to check email, fb, fave blogs etc. each day.

Get some things off your plate so you can get more clarity make a list in key-solutions(make a list of these things).

Set a clear plan to create value for others more than you consume from others.


This’ll give you a nice start.

Give it a serious look over and take action here, change yourself and you change your life.

You unlock the REAL YOU.

And that’s just an awesome thing to fathom right!?


To your success,

Bea & Terry Reeves






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