Janitors even do it better … why aren’t you?

even do it better … why aren’t you?

We know this janitor guy.  You know the type.  They clean offices late at night while the rest of the world is sleeping and catching re-runs on the Tube.

We actually know a couple of these folks.  They are realizing their very own Futuristic Retirement Income.  You too can realize your dreams.

But here’s the thing…

One of them lives in a super nice house in one of the best areas in the area.

He drives a Cadillac SUV, luxury cars and has the lifestyle that goes along with it.

The guy… same thing!  He’s got houses he owns,  a timeshare that includes chalets at multiple ski resorts, the works!

You’d think they were retired or something … right?

How the heck!?  You might ask.

If they’re not retired millionaires, they’re certainly working on it.

Well, it’s not rocket science.

But obviously, they are NOT doing all the cleaning jobs themselves!house keeper

There are plenty of people out there that just want an extra few hundred bucks a month and will GLADLY clean these offices at minimum wage.

The owners are working “ON” their business.  They focus on the profit generators that no one else will do.

Getting bigger clients, better clients, and more profitable clients.

Then they take that and parlay it into more wealth through investments like Real Estate.

Now we’re not suggesting you to get into the cleaning business.  In fact, far from it.

But we will suggest you that you may be focusing on the wrong things online, thinking you’re saving a little cash.

Is designing WordPress sites and tweaking it profitable?   Only if you are a WordPress Designer, and that’s your trade!

Is checking emails and handling tons of support, or heck, things like mowing your yard getting you closer to your goals?  Nope!

One big wealth secret is mastering “OPT” or- “OtherPeoples .

The owner of Starbucks isn’t behind the counter making Mocha’s all day long, and there is a good reason for that.

If you’ve been struggling, stop and learn the OPT Formula.

Things will be getting a lot easier for you from here on out:

So, “Janitors even do it better … why aren’t you?”

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Bea & Terry Reeves






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