Tips for Selling High End Offers on the Phone

Tips for Offers on the Phone

Here are some tips for high end offers if you’re committed to making big paydays from your online efforts (instead of dribs and drabs of income).  Giving new and customers a phone call is a great way to sell high-ticket products and services —and make big sales that you would not otherwise have.

retiree home businessWhat keeps a lot of people from doing this is that it can be very uncomfortable — but mostly when you’re doing it wrong.  When it’s done right, it’s less frustrating and very rewarding.  Also, once you see the results, you’ll get even more to keep it up.

To help you earn as much as you can from phone sales, we have a few tips for you that we’ve learned while training and watching our own team of phone in action selling high end offers.

Let’s start at the beginning…

When to Make Your Calls

Once you’ve been notified of a new lead or sale, research shows that the faster you respond, the more likely it is you will close a sale.  This is because if you take too long, people will forget what they asked for, lose interest, or get in touch with your competitors instead.

Don’t lose the sale to the other guys!  Marketing research shows that responding within 7 minutes, when possible, will maximize your chances of success.  Set the habit of getting back to people quickly and succeed with selling high end offers.

Also, the best times of day to contact people by phone are 8:00 – 10:00 in the morning and 2:00 – 5:00 in the afternoon.  Between 7:00 – 9:00 pm is also a good time to reach people at home.  Schedule blocks of time for phone calls when people are available, and make your callbacks or prospecting calls then.

Then, once you get on the phone…

Get to the Point

If you fumble around or sound like a telemarketer, you’re going to get hung up on.  When you get hung up on, you can forget about selling high end offers.introduce yourself on selling high end

Start out by telling them the following in your first sentence:
1. Who you are
2. Where you’re from
3. Why you’re calling Remind them what they saw on your website and what they bought or opted-in to receive.

It’s funny, but people quickly forget!  Let them know in a straightforward manner you’re getting back to them to answer any questions they have, to personally thank them, or to give them the information they need.  This will increase your opportunity to selling high end products.

Stay Relaxed and Flexible

You don’t need to dominate the conversation or be afraid of the prospect and what might go wrong.  Remember, they contacted you about something they want.relax on the phone on selling high end

So relax and keep your cool.  Just have a straightforward conversation with them as you would with a friend.  If you appear too nervous, people get suspicious or skeptical and that can damage your sale.  Just by having these conversations you will increase your probability of selling high end products.

Another ninja tip is to speak in the same tone of voice and pace as they do.  This is called mirroring and matching.  If someone speaks quickly, they probably don’t want to waste time and will respect you more for doing the same (people like those who are similar to them).  The same is true for people who speak slowly.

Try it and see!

Ask Find-Out Questions

ask questions on selling high end bea-terryreeves.comThere’s not much to say or sell until you find out some important information from them first.  Then, you can tailor your responses to be as effective and relevant as possible.

Ideally, you and your prospect will both be speaking 50% of the time.  Get them talking by asking questions, such as confirming their reason or motivation for contacting you or placing an order with you in the first place.

Learn their story.  Then you’ll know what to say and how to say it when it’s your turn to speak and persuade.  Without your prospects story and defining their needs, you will be unsuccessful selling high end products.

Your prospect’s story is a huge key to selling high end…

Make Recommendations

Once you’ve made a connection, built a rapport, and found out their motivations and needs, now is the time to make suggestions to them.recommended on selling high end

You can recommend more information, a front-end product that’s ideal for their situation, or begin to describe how purchasing a high end or service such as a course, seminar, coaching, or mastermind group can help them get what they want (and change their life).

So there’s the basic structure of each phone sales call you make.  We see it work over and over again as we watch our own sales people call our new leads and sell our higher-ticket programs.

Speaking of which, if you still don’t quite feel like spending the time and energy calling prospects yourself, our phone team can make the calls and close sales FOR YOU…with you standing to make $1,000, $3,000, or $5,000 each time.

The program is called My Top-Tier Business, and it has generated over $4 million in revenue – half of which has been paid out in commissions.  So that’s $2 MILLION cash in commissions to people like you.

For more details on how to enroll in our Done-For-You marketing system to promote high end products, click here.

Hopefully this provides some value for you.  Leave a comment and let us know.

Talk soon,

Bea & Terry Reeves

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