Futuristic Retirement of Travel and Income

of and Relaxation

Our idea of the best kind of Futuristic with an is to be able to travel when and where we want.  We have done a little travelling through the past 15 years or so and we want to continue.  As you all know, the economy has suffered a little lately.  Gas prices have doubled.  Our food bill has certainly doubled and there are only two of us.  We certain emphasize with the young families of today.

How do we Travel while Building a ?

We have found, in our Futuristic Retirement, the benefit of travelling with a lap top computer.  What a truly great invention.  With most motels and hotels now having internet available, we never really leave our office.  We definitely decrease the number of hours in the office, but it is still with us.  Have you considered the benefits of travel while researching for your business?  Perhaps there is a conference going on in some really nice location.  Be sure to take your office and include your experiences in your business.  We believe your tax accountant would appreciate the record of that trip and some assurance that it truly was a business trip.

We have been here. 

Check this place out.  What a great place to visit.  A major plus, for this vacation, is that it is U.S.  One of our best vacations ever.

Imagine getting out of bed in the morning.  You are feeling fresh and ready to get started on your day of relaxation.  If you have a for your business, there is no time more perfect than to set down and develop a post based upon the experiences you had yesterday.  Consider this , for example.

What to Blog About

While on this vacation, we could blog about Futuristic Retirement Income opportunities on this tropical paradise.  What about the super nice bar tender at the Blue Beard’s Castle bar?  He could have some of the greatest stories and, yet, he could be the subject of the blog.  Would you, as a retiree, consider being a bar tender in a tropical paradise like St. Thomas?  We have a brother that retired early and ended up as a bar tender in a Lake Superior Resort Town.  It is part time and he loves it.

Great travel, tax advantages, a job and a wonder Futuristic Retirement.  What do you think of this?


Bea & Terry Reeves

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As always, Live for a Futuristic Retirement

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