Futuristic Retirement Income Plan…So Far

Futuristic Retirement Income Plan….so far

What shall we do for our Futuristic Retirement Income possibilities?  We have been looking at a countless number of opportunities.  Many of them are extremely attractive.  Many are, what we feel, a waste of further time.  We actually did not waste the initial time spent to determine that some of the options were not for us because we, in fact, learned that those opportunities were not for us.  While preparing for our , we learned that, we believe, multiple streams of income will be our best for continued success.

Beaten UP

After the housing crisis and banking crisis, we like many others, were left in a difficult position for our retirement.  For a while we were under water with our home.  Our 401K’s were greatly diminished.  The IRA’s had lost a tremendous amount of value.  The Bond funds were not so bad because of the “good faith and credit” of the municipalities.  The Bonds are even now becoming a little less reliable.  So what are the viable opportunities for us so far?

Drop Ship Sales

We have found some significant Futuristic Retirement Income through sales on EBay.  Some of the sales were things we didn’t need.  A large part of the sales were items from drop ship wholesalers.  It has been nice to be able to have success with this program and we will continue as long as we have a computer and a PayPal account.  Why not?  As long as we are properly priced, we will make some sales.

Rental Properties

We have had some rental properties that we managed to unload before the bottom fell out of the real estate industry back in 2008 and 2009.  Again, we were successful and will probably be re-entering that area of Futuristic Retirement Income Opportunities.  We have learned how to handle the rentals so that they will be more like a passive income this time around.

Stock Market Investments

Even though the market has returned from the devastation of 2009, we have remained established in this area.  There are some secure stocks in the market that, we believe, promise reasonable growth with significant dividend opportunity.  The annual earning range from 8 to 12 percent, but at our age, that is good.

Internet Marketing Business

We have found an internet marketing business that we strongly believe presents a Futuristic Retirement Income Opportunity.  The business is called “My Online Business Empire”.  This is an affiliate opportunity for us and, we believe, we will be able to further that business by developing our own products as we grow.  There will definitely be more to come with this particular area.  Check out the “IM Revolution” in the right column of this page.  It is for an e-book that will spell out a program that has made a young man wealthy.  The best part of this is that there is no “smoke and mirrors” with regards to how much effort is needed to build a business.  You get what you earn.

Real Estate Sales

A reasonably good part time job is real estate sales.  The industry is rebuilding now and, being around college towns, we feel there is a lot of opportunity to sell and rent.  The area is ripe for growth in various businesses and there is plenty of added population.  Great opportunity is available here.

For now, this is where we are with our Futuristic Retirement Income.  We have more exploring to do, but, we plan to move forward with much of what we have just mentioned.  Retirement is not here yet so we need to be willing and able to make our changes when it does arrive.

Where are you at?  Have you considered any opportunities that might work?  Leave a comment and let us know what you think.


Bea & Terry Reeves

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As always, “Live for your Futuristic Retirement”.

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