Futuristic Retirement Income from Customer Service

Futuristic Retirement Income from Customer Service

After going to the grocery store today, it came to us that a Futuristic Retirement Income can, and is, being earned by many in the field.  Many would ask why, but, after our experiences, it is a truly obvious and natural move for many senior citizens and retirees.  We have successfully employed senior citizens in our operations and have found, for the most part, extremely good and long term employees.


A lifetime of experience can provide Retirees a couple of different points of view.

1              A sincere lack of patience for people, babies and what may seem to be sheer stupidity.

2              A tremendous amount of patience and understanding with a love of all people and kids.

We have acquired a love of all and a tremendous amount of patience for our fellow human being.


Getting a Futuristic Retirement Income from being a Customer Service Representative requires more than just patience for our fellow human being.

A       We definitely need some degree of mathematical aptitude.  This is an area where seniors would probably excel over the youth of the computer generation.  We had to learn our arithmetic in our heads.

         B       We must be capable of receiving constructive criticism from our younger leaders.

         C      We must be able to smile, even when we are hurting or saddened.

         D      We must be willing and able to take verbal abuse from the “riff-raff” with a smile.

         E       We must be physically capable of standing for long periods of time.

         F       We should be willing to hold our opinions to ourselves unless asked by our superiors.

         G      Flexible hours are practically built into our life style.

         H      We should be loyal to the company and be willing to step up when needed.

It is fair to recognize that some will have issues with using the modern registers and equipment.  It is important, however, to recognize that these machines are not monsters, but merely tools of the trade.

If you think this type of work might be suited to you, give it a try.  The pay is low, but the satisfactions of a satisfied customer can bring pleasure.  Complements can come often.  Leave us a comment below and tell us how you think.

Bea & Terry Reeves

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And, as always, Live for your Futuristic


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