Futuristic Retirement Income from Blogging

Futuristic Retirement Income from Blogging

You know, we are really enjoying this stuff.  It is keeping us active in research.  It is really helping to keep us far more involved in our own Futuristic Retirement Income.

We no longer are allowing others to control our future.  That is to say that our money is no longer dependent upon some unknown “expert investor” to invest and make grow so he can rake in a fortune for himself. market crash You may remember the recent collapse in the stock market and who helped to create that situation.  We felt that those same people might have a problem properly handling our money.

Our government bailed them out, remember?  We are not “experts”, but we have learned to do what is working for us and creating a positive growth for us.  We do use a couple of industry news magazines and reports for our guide.  We read the analysis, it is well written and easy to understand, and we make our own minds up.

To the point

That is off the subject, though, we started with the blogging stuff, right?  Setting up our was a very interesting situation.  Once we learned a little bit about blogging, we found a way to set it up before we actually found a program to be done for us.

john chow bloggingSuccessful bloggers such as John Chow are making 5 and 6 figure incomes by taking care of their blog.  Check this link here to learn a little about John’s secrets. His blogging performance is legendary.

We had to learn the hard way that getting the web site can be done through more than one entity and at varying costs.  After the site, you must pay for a company to serve that site.  It seemed like we were forking out a bunch of money.  Turns out it wasn’t that much at all.

Use Caution

There are some real “rip-off” artists out there too.  They sell a package for far more than you need to pay because they are going to do all kinds of good things for you.  Then nothing happens as promised.

Operating the blog and functioning within the programming was a big challenge for us.  We used outside help very often.  The fortunate part is that we learned you can get very inexpensive help with activities.

Some Options

If you have thought about a blog, check out a program we have found to be very helpful.jonathan budd  This program is from a Mr. Jonathan Budd, a young man who has made nearly 20 million on line and is not even 30 years old.  He doesn’t flaunt his millions, he shares them.  That is one main reason that we have so much respect for him.

Listen, if you’re thinking of blogging, you have experiences, or you’re passionate about something, check it out here.

And you may be able to blog your way to a comfortable Futuristic Retirement Income.  We believe you will find this interesting and it may solve your problems getting started with your blog.


Best Regards,

Bea & Terry Reeves



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