Futuristic Retirement Income and why some fail

Futuristic Retirement Income and why some fail

Why do some people fail in ?  Seems like a simple question.  The answer is not very simple.  There are so many who enter the world as an and learn that the life they chose is not what they expected.

We hope this does not spoil your goal or your expectations.  We hope this does help you to prepare for your Futuristic Retirement Income with an open mind and heart.

Work Load is Hard

Opening a new business is an 18 hour per day, 7 days a week job.  This long hard schedule can often take as long as two or more years before the owner are willing to take a little bit of time off and leave someone of trust in charge.  These are difficult times.  Trust is hard to come by and the efforts of the employees must be trusted.  We opened a business and, our experience was just as we stated above.  There was no such animal as a vacation.  There were no weekends off.  There were plenty of 18 hour days.

Cash is short

Usually, an entrepreneur uses a large part of the nest egg to open a new business and operating capital can be hard to come by.  Early earnings are generally put back into the business to facilitate growth.  Often, just getting to a bank in order to place an operating loan application becomes an available time issue as much as a credit issue.

On the Job Training

The entrepreneur generally starts a new business with a tremendous amount of experience in at least one sector of the business.  The problems seem to arise when the owner encounters areas of the business that they possess little or no experience.

Technical competence vs. Customer Service

We always used the old “2 rules of customer service”.  You know, rule number 1 is that the “customer is always right”.  Of course, rule number 2 is that “if the customer is wrong, see rule number 1”.  All businesses need customers.  In order to get and keep customers, all businesses must have the customer service issues under control.

Good News

You do not have to follow the typical entrepreneurial program that is outlined above.  We have found a program that has worked for us.  Yes we have worked hard at starting up our business.  The cash issue is actually not an issue at this point.  On the job training is actually a good way to start.  The solutions for technical competence are a piece of cake.  The one really important thing for you to bring to the party is a good sense of the type of customer service you would like to receive.  If you can give the type of service that you would like to receive, you can do this plan.

We have an e-book that is called the “IM Revolution”.  This book is valued at $49.95 but we are offering it to you for free.  The program offers training, all the tools you need and a license to be able to sell the products.

We strongly recommend that you watch the presentation, sign up for the book and read it.  We are certain that you will find some outstanding value here.  Check it out now.


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