Futuristic Retirement Income and where to shop …

Futuristic Retirement Income and where to

We saw an e-mail that is very much worth discussing in the Futuristic Retirement Income realm.  Why?  We wanted to discuss this simply because it has to do with the mindset of people and how it can be.

Try not to become offended by any of the statements because we are discussing “mindset” here and not anything specific about any person or place.

It seems that there are some individuals that absolutely “refuse” to even walk into a store.

Most people don’t get to be “born .  Many people realize that being rich is something they must aspire to become.  Some are born into and some are in the, so called, “middle class” as far as the family is concerned.

To some, being rich actually equates to having Freedom.Richy Rich  There would be no one telling them what to do or when to do it.  But because I wanted to be able to make enough money to do whatever  I wanted to do.  When people have really strong feelings about wealth and freedom, they most generally have equally strong feelings about poverty and weakness.


So, What about Broke?  Some people are broke and, simply, don’t care because of varying reasons like they have love and family or life is too much fun to worry about money.

Others take the broke message as a threat to their freedom and they actually feel more like slaves than productive, free members of society.

people, on the other hand, are consciously aware of their thoughts as they relate to wealth and money.  They are also “consciously aware that thoughts, ideas and feelings are contagious”.

There are some out there that would equate this contagiousness with the “”.  We say, “Kudos to you”.  That can easily be done.

Keep this in Mind:

“Thoughts, feelings and ideas are contagious!”

Another way to look at it

Think about this.

Think about the people you hang around with; those you associate with and those who are your friends.  Are you like them?  Most likely you are.  People tend to become like the people they spend their time around.  It’s contagious!  You may vote the same way as your closes friends.  Your cars, or trucks, are probably similar.  No doubt you enjoy the same humor.

You probably didn’t notice that before, did you?

Obviously, this is not a “hard and fast” rule, but it does bode some serious thought.  It isn’t necessarily good, bad, ugly, wrong or right.  It simply is the way things are.

This contagiousness includes the thoughts of poverty and scarcity.

How do the Rich survive?

Rich people seem to be aware of this condition and, with fluidity; they are capable changing their mindset.  In this way, they are able to protect themselves from anything and everything that might associate them with poverty or struggle.

golf country clubWhy else would there be gated communities, boutique stores, first class air fare and Bentleys?  Think about it.  When you are in a mindset of how great things are for you, try walking into a place where there is negativity and poverty.  See how you respond to the situation. 

The rich get richer because they choose to surround themselves with other prosperous people.  This is not “stuck-up”; instead, it is an unfortunate necessity of life.

So, why would people not shop at Wal-Mart?

Some people believe that they will not shop at Wal-Mart because they don’t particularly care for the business model.  They maintain that Wal-Mart forced moving jobs out of the US in order to reduce costs. 

Others have issues with the way they claim that Wal-Mart treats their employees.  They seem to feel that all Wal-Mart Store Managers are like tyrants.  This would be obviously untrue.  The managers are people like you and us.

Remember, the discussion just above about contagious?  For some people, the store is all about “pinching your pennies”.  You are willing to take the “cheap” stuff because you are always having trouble making it to the next paycheck.  The store is designed for people who think:

          -There is not enough money to go around

         -I have to hoard my money in case the economy crashes

         -I have to settle for this because I can’t afford more

         -We are scraping by on a limited budget

We believe this is actually sort of a “victims” way of living a life. positive attitude Things always happen to them.  They are slaves to their jobs, which by the way, they don’t like.

Broke people use the term “Too high, I can’t afford it”while the wealthy might say“How I can afford it?”  The rich are not owned by their money, instead they own them money.  They are aware that there is way more money than they will ever need available around the world, and, if they choose, they can go after it.

Law of Attraction?

Broke people think that things are happening to them.

Wealthy people know that things are happening to them.

So, begin thinking about the wealthy person.  Begin acting like the wealthy person.  Remember, it’s contagious.  Take the of “how can I emulate what made them successful?” 

Don’t get us wrong.  We go to Wal-Mart ….. When we have to.  We live in a very small town and the closest Wal-Mart often is the only place where we can find the “stuff” we need.

magnetic attractionBut, when you go into Wal-Mart, look around.  You should actually feel out of place.  You might hear someone talking about how his world is going to end because the cost of gasoline is so high.  Or another person can get the item at the “Dollar” store cheaper.  They might even “invest” a full gallon of gas in order to save half a dollar on one single item.  Save your dollars, not necessarily your pennies.

Now that we have managed to get a few upset with us because you frequently shop at Wal-Mart, you might be saying “you don’t know what it is like to be in that position”.  Probably not true.  We have been to the bottom and back up.  We personally know the pains you are going through.  But, this is probably the difference … we have never been “comfortable” in Wal-Mart.  We have taken on the mindset of “how can we change things?” rather than “why does this happen to us?”.

Poor is a state of mind.  It is not a physical thing.

Broke is a lack of money.  You don’t have any money.

We have been broke and poor before.  Those days are long gone.  This means that, when you’re struggling, you should still save money.  Clip coupons, and take other money saving measures.

Take this with you in the end.

Fight the mindset of Poverty and being the victim all of the time.  Earlier, we posted about the success traits of being rich and picking yourself up.


Another post talks about picking yourself back up after adversity.


We urge you to check these posts out and give this thought.

If you find yourself thinking “I can’t afford this”.  Force yourself to think “how can I afford this?”  It will become contagious and you will find the law of attraction will work for you.  It may not happen tomorrow or next week, but if you keep up the positive wealthy feeling, it will come your way.

All our best,

Bea & Terry Reeves


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