Futuristic Retirement Income and the Internet Business

Futuristic Retirement Income and the Internet Business

As I think about our , I remember a I had with my brother in the late in the early 70s. Our was located on Grand River Avenue directly across from Michigan State University. Our customer base was simply those who were at the college, in the college or attending college. There was no parking, there was a sidewalk in front and a parking lot was many yards away. As small as our customer base was, it kept us busy with a thriving for many years. Ultimately, due to an oil embargo, we chose to close the store before our creditors closed the store.

Supplementing a Futuristic Retirement Income from the requires a different type of customer base. on the Internet are often called , , traffic and others such terms. The vastness of the Internet provides hundreds of millions of potential customers for an Internet business. Therefore, in order to find your individual niche in the Internet business you must find those potential customers or that are actually interested in your type of business.

How to find your customers?

In order to find your customers on the Internet, it is obvious that you must advertise, but the question becomes where? With, literally, hundreds of millions of potential customers, where do we advertise? We have found a program that has helped us to determine where we need to advertise and where the best places are to get potential customers. This program has been invaluable toward the success of our Internet business.


Where to find your customers?

This very same program has given us more different ways of getting potential customers from the Internet than we will probably use. You can call it a list if you choose, because it is merely a list of and email addresses of the individuals that answer an ad that you place somewhere on the Internet. This program provides insight as to how and where to place your ad in order for your prospective customers to see it and respond to it. It discusses how to make your ad standout among other ads so that they will respond in a positive way.


This web site is a webinar. It discusses a program of how to get 10,000 names in 100 days. The webinar is informative and it is a replay, therefore registration is not necessary and you will be able to see the webinar at your convenience.

This program has made a significant difference in the success of our Internet business and the promising future of our Futuristic Retirement Income. We hope you enjoy the webinar and we hope you find the value of this program.  Go to this site and see how it can help you.




Bea & Terry Reeves

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