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Are You Considering A ?

It seems that there are thousands of people, daily, that are looking seriously at building an on line business to accumulate their own Futuristic Retirement Income.  After some thought, we are reasonably certain that you may also think “why not?”  The opportunities on the internet extend beyond the Country’s borders.


What not to worry about

You may want to consider a few things before you move forward.  Start you on line businesDon’t worry, please, we’re not going to try to convince you either way.  If you’re interested in the on line marketing concept, known as “network marketing”, you don’t have to worry about the following several items:

        Where to hold a meeting

         Business Cards

         What the compensation is and how it works

         How to give an effective presentation

         Advertising banners

If your interests are in selling and marketing your own products, here are some items that you shouldn’t worry about:

         Designing your logo

         Creating business cards

         Building a ten year plan

         Buying new equipment to handle all of the orders


What do you worry about?

Home based business on computerIn the network marketing niche, you should first work hard to get your first sale.  Don’t worry about the tools you need, because the products you are selling have tools build into the “system”.  When you begin in network marketing, you first purchase a program that you can believe in and be comfortable selling to others.  Learn what tools to use and how to use them.  Learn about where to point the customers and to which tool your company is using.  Use the tools that are available, because they work.

We were listening to a book called “Ready, Fire, Aim”.  We learned, in this book, that when you are starting your new business and selling a product, you must do three things:

     1.   Design a product that has the ability to be sold (it doesn’t have to be perfect)

     2.   Sell it !!!!

     3.   Make it better based on user feedback


Most people start their business in marketing

New arrivals into the online business are urged to begin the selling process immediately.  home business toolsThere are two reasons:  first it brings in immediate and provides for a psychological advantage, and second, nothing else really matters except being honest and straight with all of those you work with.  Just concentrate on getting prospects exposed to the tools of your trade and get them to buy your program.

We do have suggestions about how people can get started into the business.  Remember that all businesses, online or mortar, need customers.  That means that you need to accomplish two things when you begin.

     1.   Get customers

     2.   Make Sales

We have successfully used a program called “My Online Business Empire”.  You can access more of the information, if you wish, right here:

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