Futuristic Retirement and Push Button Profits

Futuristic Retirement and Push Button Profits

Is A Complete Myth?

One of the first big PROBLEMS that people come across online is stumbling on to all of the “hypsters” promoting instant push button profits and easy riches. 
Pretty girls, flashy graphics and big screenshots all pushing the !

And it chaps our hides.


This ends with an interesting “twist”, so stick with us for a second.

Why do we often fall into the trap of instant profits?

Well, why do you think so many people gamble?  It’s the , the , the “dream”, the slight of investing in something, and it paying off for us big .

cure found


The dream of finding the true “.

But, here’s the straight up fact Jack:

Finding a system that allows you to go from ground zero, and to magically push a button, where some incredible software then siphons money from the “interwebz”, is just as risky as investing in the lottery.

Your chances of hitting it big are right at about 0000.000002%.

You’ve got to ignore that part of your brain that says “hey, I can buy this and make thousands by the morning!” 

Bull crap-o…

But here’s the twist.

If you are looking for a , you CAN earn push button profits!

Wait …Wha-what, you say?

Are we being hypocritical here?

Not at all, and let us briefly explain exactly why.

Pushing a button (like hitting send on an email) is a result.  What’s important to take note of is the process, and this should make sense to your logical and emotional side.

That’s important.

The process is by knowing exactly how to build a highly responsive email that grows more every single day, and it requires minimal time to manage.

Over time, and yes, this can happen extremely quickly, you will have a list in the thousands and beyond.


You send out an email (the right way), and gasp… you push a button!

And believe us, the profits WILL come rolling in…need for money raining

Learning how to build a list, how to make that list love you, and how to sell to that list whilst making them love you even more, is one of the greatest skills that you can have.

We won’t hard sell you here, and the truth is we offer you no hype.

The process requires a little wrench time on your part. Yep, the nasty WORK word.

But the result is literally pushing a button, and then seeing the profits come rolling in to your bank account.

We even have one affiliate network that we earn huge commissions on set up to send us an email that says “”Cha-Ching!”” every time we get a sale.

We looooove getting those emails… :)

So…. Is the work worth it?

Considering most people are out slaving away at their job every day, and we’re sitting here in the cozy comfort of our own home, writing a simple email, and generating profits at will?

We’d say yea… it’s WELL worth the effort.

Give yourself the same gift right now:


Talk soon,

Bea & Terry Reeves






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