Email messages – Useful vs Perpetual

– Useful vs Perpetual

It’s no secret that email messages offer many exciting over other channels.  Still, it’s sometimes useful to take a step back and consider the amount of work that would be required to reach prospective customers if email wasn’t available.

postcard advertisingImagine having to create a direct-to- campaign using printed postal mailings or cold calling.  To send out a postcard campaign, you’d have to hire a designer and then wait for that designer to get back to you with a design that you like.  Then you’ll have to print the cards, stuff them into envelopes and mail them off.

A telesales campaign is no less work.  You’ll have to write a script, locate leads, and then wait while your representatives make the calls.  Not fun.  On the other hand, email messages allow you to reach your prospects within hours.  You’ll need to write or approve the copy, finalize the design, target your list and then hit “Send.”

Another advantage of email marketing:  real-time email messages.  If you’re crafty, you can catch your target audience when they’re most receptive.  This allows you to create a sense of urgency with time-sensitive deals or to quickly reduce stock. email messages With today’s email marketing technology, you can even target prospects on their special days — think birthdays and anniversaries.

On that note, you can even speak directly to your prospects in your email messages. Try including your customer’s purchasing history in a postcard, or subdividing a list of postal mail leads.  Just as important, email messages allow you to interact with your customers in an environment that feels safe to them.  Still, there is a fine line between being a guest and a pest.

Useful Email Messages

The Direct Marketing Association UK conducted a study in 2014 that found that most UK residents prefer email over other marketing channels, with one caveat:  the overwhelming majority of consumers prefer to receive useful messages as opposed to perpetual email messages.  achieve goals in email messagesThere’s a clear reason why:  the former focuses on building the relationship.

As a guest in their inbox, your first objective should be to demonstrate to your prospects that you have a lot to offer.  It takes more than humorous stories and thinly-veiled sales pitches to increase your conversion rate.  You have to strive to help your prospect along in their endeavor to reach their goals.

Useful email messages are those that provide prospects with information that they care about. You don’t have to give them the whole pie, but you should be able to whet their appetite with a few crumbs that will get them one step further along.

Perpetual Email Messages

Perpetual messages are what most marketers call “follow-up messages.”  They serve no purpose other than to keep a marketer’s name appearing in a prospect’s inbox, and they’re often little more than spam.

Granted, research does show that the more often you send out commercial emails, the more sales you’ll generate.  On the other hand, you’ll experience a drop off in conversions if you’re sending out nothing but perpetual messages.  Gmail makes it easier than ever for consumers to ban overzealous marketers from the inbox.  Keep this in mind:  impersonal emails are often deleted.

Email marketing can offer massive leverage for your marketing efforts, but it can be a lot to manage as well.  If you would like to have access to ready-to-convert prospects on a monthly basis, click here to learn all about our done-for-you leads system.

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