How to Practice this Daily Action System


There are always new online marketers coming into the business.  Like many of us, they begin with very little knowledge of “anything” that would be helpful for their business.  They recognize, as we did, that serious training is the only way to learn this stuff.

Every day, we wake up ready to go to work on things we enjoy.  At least most of us that want to, do in order to achieve a happy lifestyle.  Whether that is just having a cup of coffee and going to exercise the body and mind on a daily basis, or whatever puts us in a happy feeling place and motivates us?

A Very interesting book

I have been reading a book called “Choosing Yourself” by James Altucher.  He tells you about a to get your of what you want to achieve for your lifestyle. 

So if you have a system/routine it can bring results in each step.  I call mine “The 4 square daily action system” 

I call it 4 square because I cover all 4 corners in a path the same way each day.  As I do this each day I get faster at it then I can learn another part of my business.  But in the beginning I worked on one thing at a time. 

Some Steps

So, I start with making a video that has a thought, idea, message or something you can learn.

Then I put it on a traffic source when I need to promote it.  It might be a solo ad, banner ad, text ad etc…

Next, I up load it to YouTube and all my other social media spots like Facebook, twitter, or goggle plus.

pushing resultsJohn Chow 206kOnce it is uploaded, I write out an email to my auto responder list (subscribers) with an email that will include my video to a link to my blog.

That one video connects to each action system I complete.

So you see by having a system you will acquire skills for your online business.  You will connect with other online marketers and learn from them.  You will build your list of followers/subscribers. You will get results.

 So I hope this helps you with your daily practice system ideas. 

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P.S.  Next video I will be upload a YouTube video.

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