Like Mother Nature changes the seasons, you can choose to change your lifestyle.

Like Mother Nature changes the seasons, you can to your .

We all have to make lifestyle choices throughout our days on this earth. These “life” choices will affect how we lead our lives and where our future takes us.

Bea and Terry Reeves with Shawn Shellenbarger on a cruise at the Titanium Mastermind in Cabo, Mexico exemplifying change your lifestyleMany people want a free lifestyle and, therefore, choose to find and entrepreneurial opportunities that will allow them the freedom to change their lifestyle and carry on their while traveling and doing what they want.

In today’s economy people are moving from one State to another. Many are losing their homes, jobs and, in some cases, their family structures. The reasons vary, obviously, due to a large variety of influences from outside of the family structure. Influences such as governmental regulations, natural disasters, corporate downsizing, etc. are creating havoc in the job markets.

In spite of the above , you can choose to change your lifestyle. You are the one who controls your life and you can change your lifestyle. The result of what happens to you depends entirely upon how you react to what happens. How you react to what happens will determine if and how you choose to change your lifestyle.

You have two simple choices when these conditions strike.
–  1. You can choose to set there, struggle and accept it.
–  2. Or, you can choose to move forward and control what you lifestyle is going to be.

What we did…

After a serious automobile accident in 2012 resulting in two broken necks and losing our jobs, we decided to take control, and we chose to change our lifestyle.

Through our recovery, we began to take steps toward improving our by searching, and finding, proven to support our new lifestyle.

Thus far we have found ourselves traveling far more than when we were while working our 50 hour jobs and with far less stress. Here are some of the places we have visited in the last 12 months. (We live in Michigan)
– San Diego, Ca.
– Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
– Chicago, Il.
– San Antonio, Tx.
– Going to Scottsdale, Az.

While we were enjoying ourselves in all of these places, we were learning and conducting our business . Even better, we were connecting with other friends from other parts of the United States and other Countries like the UK and Australia.

These other successful entrepreneurs were sharing their success secrets with us and networking with us. As we proceed to foster these valuable relationships we continue to learn and grow our business.  They also believe you can change your lifestyle.

Here is an example of what we experienced at a earlier this year.

Watch this video:

So, as you can see, the amount of information that you can gain from an event like this is directly related to your ability to absorb it.  You can take your pick and simply follow one or two mentors.  It is events like this that will give you the ability and energy so you can change your lifestyle.

We learn from the class room setting and we learn as we eat our meals and just have friendly chats with other entrepreneurs.  It is an extremely fun, enjoyable and educational experience all rolled up into one great big exciting event.

When you leave an event like this you are excited, motivated and Super Charged to implement all the strategies you can.

We’ll be heading for Scottsdale, Arizona this December 13th -15th at the Carefree Hotel.

We hope to see you there, we’ll be there.

If you want to change your lifestyle and learn more about the Super Charge, stay tuned.

After you click, you will receive a confirmation e-mail.  Follow the link in that confirmation and you will be taken to more information about the Super Charge event.

Remember, it’s your life…  You can change it!


Talk soon,

Bea & Terry Reeves

Bea and Terry at dinner in Cabo San Lucas Mexico Titanium Mastermind showing change your lifestyle



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