Bloggers – Blogging is Serious Business!

Bloggers – is Serious Business!

Bloggers, in the early days of the Internet, (a is a contraction of web log or online journal), were in a space where writers regularly spilled opinions and information about their lives or a chosen subject.

Blogs have put those days behind, as they can now be described as a special kind of that is regularly updated with posts of texts or , which are then published in chronological order and used as a potent .blog in bloggers

Trustworthy to Bloggers

Consumers and bloggers alike trust the information in blogs.  BlogHer conducted a study in 2012, in partnership with Vision Critical, in which they found that 98% of the bloggers they surveyed trust blogs more than any other form of online media.

What’s more, 87% of this same group had bought a product based on a blog recommendation. tells us that there are about 31 million bloggers in America.  Businesses of all sizes are doing the math.

Trustworthy to Non-bloggers

Technorati’s 2013 Digital Influence Report revealed this statistic:  blogs come in at number 3 when in comes to influencing what consumers buy, behind retail sites and brand sites.

Perhaps surprisingly, blogs eek past Facebook, by a margin of .3%, when it comes to prompting purchases.  Human beings like to trust the information they are processing, and they trust blogs more than direct marketing vehicles like ads.

Bloggers in an Uncomplicated Medium

blog wordpress in bloggersBloggers use online software like that at , WordPress, Tumblr, Typepad, Live Journal, Moveable Type, and other spaces.  These online blogging platforms have made it ridiculously easy for bloggers to create the look they want, to use video content and images in their posts, and to interact with their audience.

Therefore, if the owner of a small business (let’s say a kayak shop) wants to make a ripple or even a splash in cyber land, the blog is the way forward.

Proven Boosters

Boosting traffic is an integral part of all online marketing strategies.  Building the best backyard swings on the continent is a worthy accomplishment, though people have to somehow learn that these awesome swings exist.

Frequency counts:  HubSpot points out that companies that blog more than 20 times a month attract about 5 times more traffic than those that blog less than 4 times a month. Businesses that move past 21 to 54 accumulated blog posts see traffic to said blog increase by as much as 30%.

To Blog is to be Competitive

Bloggers and blogging has morphed into a leading marketing tactic, so to ignore blogging is to be left behind — surrendering part of your target market to your competitors. HubSpot tells us that 81% of companies with blogs categorize them as crucial to their overall marketing strategy.

They also report that 92% of companies with blogs who post several times a day have attracted a customer – at least one – from their blog.blogging for business in bloggers

These are some serious reasons to become bloggers and promote your business. Blogging is not only a savvy marketing tactic, but it is also a tool that pushes companies to think about what they do and why.

In addition to your online content publishing strategy, you should also consider good old-fashioned lead generation methods to get qualified prospects calling you on the phone. We came out with a done-for-you lead generation service that takes care of everything without taking your time away from building your brand. Click here to see if it’s right for you.

What great fun it is to blog.  We enjoy the exercise, plus there is a business part of the blogging process.  We hope this was of some help for you.  Leave us a comment below.

Bea & Terry Reeves

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