Make Money on the Internet? Get on the Bike and Ride!

Make Money on the Internet?  Get on the Bike and Ride!

There is this story of a boy from Africa that made us think about Internet

Marketing and a problem many have when they try to make money on the internet.

This little boy was given a bicycle so that he wouldn’t have to walk everywhere.

He loved it!  It saved him so much time.

But pretty soon he began to do too many things; he started arriving everywhere last minute, and then he started arriving late…old man walking a bicycle loaded down with merchandise

Eventually one day at school, the boy came in soaking wet with sweat.

And once again, he was late.

So the teacher asked him “Ok, why are you sweating profusely, and why are you late everyday lately?  I know you’ve got that bike!”

The boy says “Yes I still have my bike, and I’m sweating because I pushed it all the way to school today.”

The teacher confused says “Why were you pushing the bike and not riding it!?”

He says “I was just too busy and overwhelmed to get on the bike and ride so I was pushing it.”

Sounds silly right?

Yet, that’s what so many people in Home Business and Internet Marketing do.

They come across some wonderful vehicle to wealth, like MOBE License Rights:

And instead of getting on that opportunity and riding along to success, they get overwhelmed.  They hop off the bike and try to take advantage of other opportunities at the same time.

person at desk with many social networking symbols sworming around his head depicting overwhelmThey allow other things to distract and overwhelm them.

Now they don’t want to let that opportunity go, so they’re pushing along, holding on to it, but not really getting any REAL benefit from it either.

Sort of like having a bike, but instead of riding it and experiencing all the benefits from it, it’s almost more of a burden now.

Some get so frustrated with it all that they just throw the bike off in the ditch and give up!

Listen, you CAN change this. You’ve just got to get really focused on what you need to do.

Eliminate everything else.

Every distraction.

All the clutter.

Everything that’s not producing “real” results.

Eliminate it all.

Get on the bike and ride.

It makes this whole business much more fun, and way more profitable.  :-)

And if you don’t have a vehicle to take you to where you want to go yet, then we’d suggest you give MOBE License Rights a look over:

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Talk soon,

Bea & Terry Reeves

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