A Futuristic Retirement Income that “Fits”

A Futuristic Retirement Income that “Fits”

The Futuristic Retirement Income can be directly affected by the environment that a person is living and working within.

We begin our working lives with youthful . The tend to dissipate with experience. We take a to make ends meet, and then another to improve our , and then another, and before we know it, we have had a “career.”  “Wooo Hooo”, right?

It seems to end in nothing more than a meandering path.  We often find that what we are doing is something other than what we really wanted to do in the beginning.  It simply doesn’t .

Are you doing what you want to do? 

Are you doing what you want to do? Is it giving you all of the benefits you want and need? How close is it to your perfect job?”

Take a few moments now to think about it. It might help to look at a brief list that identifies what for you may be the most important characteristics of the perfect job.

What is your Perfect Job?

Do the following three items describe what you perfect job would look like?  Let this list be the beginning of your thoughts.

I would be happy to do the I do for free.
I believe it has value—to me and to the people who pay me for it.
It is fully challenging and it engages both the logical and the creative sides of my brain.

If you find that the “what shall I do” part of your life is not perfect, don’t panic.dont panic  If it is paying the bills, it is something.  Our first responsibility, as moral citizens of the world, is to support the family’s financial well-being.

But if your work falls short in other areas and if, for example, it doesn’t your intelligence and imagination, you should probably then commit to making changes.

Consider listening to some of these individuals about their successes and measure how excited they are about their potential.


If you are lucky, you may discover an to slip into your “perfect” job. More likely, you can move toward it step-by-step by making adjustments, as we have done in our careers.

The Perfect Partner

When you think of answering the question “with whom?” do you think of someone’s spouse? It actually is, probably the original meaning, but it can also be very relevant to an individual’s occupation.  You want a “Fit”, right?

square peg round holeThe people with whom you work; like your boss, your partners, your colleagues, and your employees determine to a great extent both the satisfaction and the success you will have from your working life.

If you stop to think about the work experience you’ve had, you will realize that much of the pleasure or pain you’ve experienced came from the relationships you had and your interactions with the people with whom you worked.

And you may think that you have no choice in these matters.  After all, you can’t hire your boss, nor can you?  But in fact, you can. In choosing the business you will ultimately work for, you are, or should be, choosing your future colleagues.  You could even work for yourself.


If you find yourself in a toxic work environment (a work environment that is political, rather than entrepreneurial), don’t hesitate to look for a better place to work. senior help wanted The company may be a great place with a lot of great people, but if you nearest associates are not your “cup of tea”, you should consider a new place of employment.

When it comes time to hire employees yourself, don’t consider only their work skills and talents, consider instead, whether or not you will enjoy working with them.

The following characteristics should help you choose the best possible partners:

He/she respects you
You have his/her back
He/she has yours
You don’t expect him/her to change. You are happy with him/her as he/she is.

These four characteristics may seem obvious, but many seem to find ways to avoid these issues.   These characteristics however, after years of experience, seem most important now.  It is like getting married, isn’t it?

The Perfect Place to Live 

Where you live and work is important too. When you are starting out, you must go where the work is. computer work on beachBut as you move up the ladder of success, you will have more choice in where and how you choose to live. This is especially true in today’s world, where in so many industries, one can work remotely.

Speaking of working remotely, consider your commute. Some people enjoy spending an hour or more every day commuting. Some may use this time profitably to listen to music or books on tape and so on.  Other people prefer a very short commute. Locating your office a mile from home can enhance the quality of your life.

Most importantly, the quality of your immediate work environment affects the quality of your life. Since you are likely to be spending as much as a third of your active day in that one place, you might want to be sure you like everything about it.  Consider the freedom that is offered through an on line business.  With a Income on line, you can just take the laptop, and the office, with you.


Let’s sum it up

Whether you are old, young, beginning a career, retired or traveling for your career, you should seriously consider these issues with regards to your income.

Talk soon,

Bea & Terry Reeves


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Also, as always, Live for Your Futuristic Retirement

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