The 4 S’s of a Futuristic Retirement Income

Ever hear of the 4 S’s?

If you’ve ever been involved in a then YES, you probably have heard of it.

There are different “renditions” of the metaphor but here’s the one we prefer ….

Now this applies to and growing your business, and we’ll tell you why we’re even bringing this odd thing up in a second.

So, OK, here are the 4 S’s …

  -Some Will.
-Some Won’t.
-So What.
-Someone’s Waiting.

Here’s what it’s about.  Often times people apply this to talking to people on the phones.

And if they get one “NO”, or just one “rude person”, oh they’re distraught and giving up right then.

But this phenomenon transcends far past picking up the stupid phone.

People do a little paid .  They do just “ONE AD”!  And, if they aren’t rich right away, they chalk it up as a failure plan and give up.

They have “One failure”, “One setback”, “One negative experience”, and instead of seeing it as growth, they see it as a reason to just stop.

We’ve all had negative experiences …. right?

We sure hope that’s not you … is it?  Because the only spot for folks like that … is the workforce.

How do you think about this?  Let’s detach ourselves from the results ok?  In business, you have stuff that comes up.  You have to take the trash out, clean up the place, do the taxes…deal with “bad” customers, whatever.

It’s all a part of the day to day “stuff” we do … standard, routine stuff.

So if you’re “Marketing”, then you’re doing GOOD stuff, no matter what the result.

We applaud you for taking action.  Now stay consistent every day with what you can do!

If you’re building your list, connecting and paying for advertising then you’re doing “really well”.  Detach yourself from the other stuff.  Focus on what counts.  Focused, Action …MTTB logo

Now you DO NEED to follow the right advice and advertise the “right” things or you will end up frustrated after a few weeks or so.

And we can’t think of any better advice or any better thing for you to be marketing than what’s laid out right here in this video for you.

Watch this amazing NEW video and opportunity right now:


Bea & Terry Reeves




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