Making Money Online – 4 Important Key Steps

– 4 Important Key Steps

The 4 important key steps you must achieve

for making money online.

1.        (borrowing this from your day)

2.       Money (budget)

3.      Getting (Leadpage)

4.      Building a (Auto-Responder)

First you must know how much time you can spend to focus on your desire and intentions to make money online, even if you spend one hour every other day. 

Start with a routine.

Second you must know what your budget will be.  

Today most people are on a limited budget and some of us have more to contribute.

You can start with a budget as low as $100 per month.

Decide what you will focus on every day (your goals/targets)focus

Start a regular routine and focus on a system.   (Example:  making a leadpage, finding where you going to place an ad etc…) Write down every day 2 or 3 tasks that you will accomplish.  Then when the next day comes you can start right into it.

Now you know when you’re going to do it and how much your budget is.

Whatever your product or service is, you will always have to spend money to make money, but you always “reinvest” those profits to grow your traffic/advertising budget to make more money.

At first when starting out you may not make a sale but with constant persistency you will get results.

You can get traffic to your subscriber list at a low cost.  First you will need an auto-responder which will cost you about $30.00 per month. 

You can buy advertising as low as $20.00 and up, depending on the place you advertise. 

Now rather than paying someone to do a landing page (at a $30 cost each time) you can sign up for LEADPAGES.COM.  This will be about $20.00 per month.  All of the coding is done for you in their pages, cool uh? 

So now that we have our TIME, MONEY and TRAFFIC set up the last part is building our subscriber list.

Your list is important and it will take some time to build but with consistent persistency (routine) you can build a 10,000 list on a low budget.

This is where you convert your leads into buyers without pitching something for sale to them every time.  Give them value, solutions or info they can use.

There are different traffic sources to building a subscriber list which we will talk about in another video

To get more knowledge of ways to making money online go here:

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