Home Business 2.0


The Christmas is over now with a new year soon to come.  So, we would suggest that you might want to consider “Home Business 2.0”.

Over the years, a lot of people have made BIG BUCKS in this industry…need for money raining
…That’s no secret.

Literally hundreds of millions of dollars have been earned .

But there have been a few issues that have cropped up just recently.

Issues that many marketers haven’t been able to figure out. So back to their jobs they go, or at best, they’re working long hours just getting by.

And what’s worst, is all the newcomers to the industry being led to the slaughter house by these “strugglers”.

They’re trying to learn from those that got too comfortable and didn’t keep up with the times.  How else are they going to build a Home Business?

profit downHeck…

Calculate a lot of your online ‘heroes’ down to the “per hour”, and you’d think you were looking at a Burger King employees weekly pay check.

These are your so called “goo-roos”.

And they’re still stuck in what we call:


Marketing 1.0.

Their money-making systems are grossly outdated.1930s car

Here’s what used to be pretty easy:

…Getting loads of cheap converting .

…Attracting affiliates happy to promote for you.

…Making a killing selling at $47 with a $197 upsell.

…Running a Webinar that fills up and sells out.

…Keeping the attention of people on your list.


Things have changed dramatically!

Traffic isn’t cheap.  Quality traffic actually costs quite a little bit.

Affiliates are overwhelmed with trying to decide what to promote.

There is no profit margin in selling only low end products under $197.

And people are Overwhelmed with information.  They want personal support and they want Action.

They don’t want to learn how to build a website, they just want the site!

They don’t want to learn how to get traffic, they just want someone to buy traffic FOR THEM.

Welcome to the age of the “Done For You” internet.

Welcome to the age of Personal Support.  Caring about the results people are getting with you.

Welcome to Internet Marketing 2.0:

The key is in leveraging OPE (Other peoples efforts).

The key is having High Ticket Commissions being sold on the back-end of your business that don’t require your fulfillment, yet people LOVE the products.

The key is learning “Affiliate and Home Based Business Economics” built to withstand and conquer 2014-2018 and beyond…

The best part for you is the fact you’re reading this right now.positive momentum

You can save yourself the failure and “lost feeling” that many are going through right now and you can move to what’s working NOW.

Whatever you do, know that things have changed and you have to have High Ticket offers from $1,000-$50,000 in your business.

Either you create them and try to sell them (good luck with that), or… you leverage a system like the one we use and simply reap the rewards.

We’ve already tasted 2.0 of this industry with MTTB and there’s no turning back for us.


Talk soon,

Bea & Terry Reeves

ps.  Leave us a comment below.  And, if you’re interested in what we are talking about, simply click here.

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